Monday, March 31, 2008

Princess Party (and Prince)

Cameryn and Luke were invited to a Prince and Princess party this past Saturday by a girl named Casey (her mom is Lori) that we met going to reading time at the Library when Cameryn was only 6 months old. I could have dressed up Luke since I do have his cute little Easter suit but I didn't want to go through that hassle and have him get all dirty. But Cameryn sure LOVED getting dressed up in her Princess dress for the party. She was so excited.

Cameryn's dress isn't technically a Disney Princess dress but she's none the wiser and I told her she was dressed as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). I was glad too for this dress because every other little girl was Cinderella and there were like 6 or 7 girls there. Cameryn just loves her little brother!!
Luke and Cameryn eating their heart shaped baloney sandwiches at the Royal table.
Lori had even hired a professional face painter (if that can be a profession). Cameryn absolutely refused to sit and get her face painted but Luke was an absolute angel. I wasn't sure how he would react so she only did something small to start with. She showed him his face in the mirror with the spider web and spider on his face and he loved it. I asked him if he wanted another picture and he nodded his head. So she drew a Spiderman face on his other cheek. She showed him his face in the mirror again and then we got down. There was one other little boy there named Dominico and he had half his face painted like Spiderman. When Luke saw him, he smiled and pointed to his own cheek to show Dominico that he was Spiderman too. He babbled something which I didn't understand but I understood the pointing. It was so cute!!

After all the kids (except Cameryn) had their faces painted, we all went outside for a treasure hunt. There were tons of these plastic gold coins spread all over the back yard along with a few other "treasures". Luke was so cute running around not really spotting anything (unless I showed it to him) but shouting "Money!!" the whole time. He would laugh with delight every time I showed him another gold coin and put it in his little bag. He didn't want to go back inside for cake but it was getting a little chilly with the wind so I dragged him in anyways. He was fine once I showed him that he was getting cake!! They all got really fun little goddy bags when it was time to leave.

This is after we got home and I was about to put him down for a nap. The Spiderman is a bit smudged but still looks pretty good for being on a busy little boy. I had to go wash off the face paint before nap so I had to get a picture of the Spiderman.
I just had to make this picture larger cuz of his sweet little innocent face. Just look how adorable my little man is holding onto his Curious George and all ready for a nap. I could look at this sweet picture all day!!


Nikki said...

Katelyn and Bridget just had a princess party week before last. It was so fun...same thing as far as dressing up. All the girls were in their princess dresses and they had such a blast. Can you believe how big and grown up they are getting? AHHH!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Your kids are so darling!!! Glad they had such a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful website my daughter Sienna is turning 4 Nov. 5th and we are having a princess party too. We just moved to Maryland as well. Not sure if we leave near by.. but maybe you can email me @
Take care and thanks for your website