Friday, June 27, 2008

Some news

I have a whole bunch of pics I am trying to put together about my brother Ezra leaving on his mission. I'm waiting on getting some more pics from my sister Jessica when her and my other sisters dropped him off at the MTC.

Anyways, not much else going on here. Devon gave Luke a hat and he now wants to wear it all the time. He would never really keep any hat on but this one he just loves. He thinks Devon and Kathryn are the best so I'm not surprised that he loves that hat. It is really too big for him but he loves it anyways.

He can say Devon pretty well but for whatever reason he calls my sister Kathryn, "Boss". It is really cute!! He's been saying that for awhile but I never knew what he was talking about until he said it around Kathryn and pointed at her. It is so funny. Who knows how he came up with it though. It's not anywhere close to her name.

He is starting to speak better as well. He is putting together sentences and other people can tell what he is saying now too. I don't always have to decipher his words and meanings for everyone. Last Sunday, he even was good in nursery after I left with about 45 min. left of church. He only cried twice and for just a short time period!! Yay, he's slowly getting better. He will be turning 2 in one month!!

Cameryn is still being her difficult 3 year old self right now, but we're dealing with it. I still have no new ideas but I'm really looking forward to her being four. I've heard good things (mostly) about four year olds.

I still like to peak in at her while she is playing by herself in her room. She is usually playing with something Princesses and it is so cute to hear her sing and do her little voices for the princesses and the one or two princes she has. Usually while I'm watching her the princesses are nicely arguing and/or sharing one prince. It's so cute.

We've been going to the park and just outside alot recently. Luke is starting to think that he doesn't need naps anymore and I'm not ready for that yet. I need to make sure he is nice and tired out from a morning of playing.

I'm doing okay myself. I have finally decided that I needed to go see the dentist. I haven't been in years (stupid I know, but I'm learning my own lesson now so no lectures). We don't have dental insurance so I've had to save up some money to go. I had my initial visit on Monday and they took x-rays and pictures and did a whole work up on all the things that I need to do to have my mouth be perfect (or close to it). I've never had a cavity so this kinda sucks but that's what happens when you neglect yourself. I decided to get the most expensive stuff out of the way first and got my two upper wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. They had an opening for the very next day so I thought, why wait. My wisdom teeth on top were already out so they only had to pull them instead of going digging which was nice. I've already had my left bottom one out in an emergency thing right after Cameryn was born. It was impacting on my gums and was making my whole mouth hurt so they took it out. That was really expensive though cuz it was partially under my jaw bone so they had to break the tooth in half and pull out both halves. My other one on the bottom is almost completely under my jaw bone, so he said I'll most likely not have any problems with that one and can leave it be. Anyways, it was very quick and easy and I've had relatively little pain from it which is really nice considering that the vicodin they gave me makes me really super nauseous. They gave me that and some 600 mg Ibuprofen which work good during the day. I do take the other stuff at night though that way I can sleep off the gross feeling but also be pain free at night. I've got my super-de-super cleaning coming up that I scheduled but couldn't get in sooner then a month later and then after that all my money will be gone for awhile. I'll have to save up some more quickly to get all my fillings taking care of cuz I really don't want to charge them, but I might have to if it takes to long to save up the money. They have a really good plan for that stuff though so I should be fine either way.

I'm still on medicine for my thyroid so I'm feeling good. I went to see my specialist this past Wednesday and they took more blood to redo the tests and see were my levels are right now. There is another test that they wanted to do but I have to be off the medicine for at least 10 days and I'm not ready to go back to being sick again. My doctor said they will adjust my medicine if they need to after they get my results back and then we will go from there. She doesn't want me to have to go off the medicine either since I have two little kids so I'm grateful for that. I have to go back and see her again in about 6 weeks.

After my appointment, I went out to lunch with 2 people I used to work with down in Rockville, where my specialist office was. It was really fun to hang out with them and talk again. I have been seeing Amanda more often lately and we email back and forth too but I haven't talked to Carolyn in a while. It was so nice to see her. We sat next to each other for about 3-4 years so it was fun catching up. I told them we could have lunch again when I have my next appointment in six weeks so at least I have one thing to look forward to.

Luke with his new hat on.

Cameryn dancing to Princess songs

Cameryn with our kitten Chipmunk (she named it).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

They're at it again!!!

Just look at what those stupid mosquitos have done to my beautiful baby boy!!!
Saturday morning
Right after he woke up from his nap on Saturday
Sunday morning

I have got to do something about these stupid mosquitos around my house. My poor little baby Luke is just getting attacked!! He was outside one late afternoon with Mike for like 4-5 minutes and got about 6 huge bites on his legs. I forgot to take pictures of those ones. So we've been remembering to put on the bug spray everytime we take him outside evern for a few minutes.

So I was out front picking cherries off our cherry tree so I could make a pie (yummy sour cherry pie!!). Luke was running around with Cameryn in the front yard (mosquitos aren't as bad out front) and around our cars. I didn't put any bug spray on him cuz we were out front and he was fine while with Cameryn. He comes over to where I am on the side of the house picking cherries and he's stealing them out of my bowl to eat them. Next thing I know, I'm smacking mosquitos off him and I left and right. Finally after they got him right on his eyelid (and I killed that one for sure- it left blood on his face), I pick up the bowl, him and tell Cameryn to come inside. I got about 3-4 bites and somehow he only got two of all the ones I killed while landing on him but the one on his eye is just awful, as you can see. That's the way they all get but this one is especially bad cuz he's rubbing his eye and it's just way more sensitive right there next to his eye.

I've been putting Calamine lotion on it and we give him Benedryl but it doesn't seem to help too much. There has to be something that I can do for him!! I think I'm going to take all the pictures I took last year from all his many bug bites and the ones from this year and go to the city to try to get them to spray in this area. There is this very small creek around here and we also have a storm drain right next to our house. I don't know where they are coming from exactly but I know we aren't the only ones with a problem around here. I just hate those stupid bugs!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cameryn's going to preschool

I have been so forgetful and lazy about doing my blog lately that there are so many things that happened awhile ago that I'm just now remembering that I wanted to put on my blog.

I signed Cameryn up for a preschool. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to do that just because they can be so expensive and I really doubt that they make a difference really. I'm sure once the kids are all in 5th grade that you wouldn't be able to tell who went to preschool and who didn't. Anyways, I was going back and forth when my mother-in-law, Robin, said that she would pay for it if Mike and I wanted to put her in a preschool. I still wasn't really looking into it too much though until a friend of mine said that she was going to check out this one for her daughter (who is around Cameryn's age).

I decided to check it out with her and I really liked it. It is a small classroom so there are a ton of kids which I really liked. They had all sorts of toys for boys and girls and they also had dress ups which Cameryn went right over to. They do crafts, story time, snack time, outside play on this nice playground and they have a big black top with tons of tricycles and other things for the kids to ride around on. They of course do the usual school stuff of learning their ABC's and numbers. They do fun field trips and lots of other events that the whole family is invited to. The two women in charge were really nice and it is held in a church, which I think of as a plus. It's pretty inexpensive too. I liked it so much, my friend and I put down our reservation fee so our girls would already have a spot saved for them for September.

I probably should have checked out more places, I guess cuz that's what people normally do but I don't care. It was small and close and cheap. What's not to like? So, I'm kind of excited about it and nervous. I think she'll do really well. Cameryn does good in a classroom setting. I am always hearing praise of her from the leaders of the Primary. She'll even say prayer during her classes.

Her birthday being in September has become kind of annoying now. The cutoff here for entering Kindergarten is August 31st. At the preschool it's Sept 1st and her birthday is Sept 2nd. They have gotten pretty strict with those deadlines now too. I'm not to upset about it though cuz I really don't have a problem with waiting another year for her to start school. If I fought and got her into Kindergarten in the year she turned 5, she would literally be the youngest in her class. I would rather her be one of the oldest by waiting till the next year to start her. She would have another year to mature and be really ready. I don't really know why I worry about it sometimes. I guess I worry about people thinking something that I don't want them to think, like she isn't smart or whatever. I don't know... I'm just worrying like usual about everything that I don't really know about. I have no idea about any of this stuff and I don't even know where to begin, which is probably why I signed up with the first preschool I saw, though I still don't regret that so my good feeling must have been for something.

I am excited about it though, I can't wait to take pictures and pick her up on the first day and let her tell me all about it. I love being a mom!!

Luke is the Hulk, who'd a thought

Somehow I forgot to post this funny video with Luke wearing Hulk hands. It happened back in May and I just forgot to upload it. Enjoy!!