Friday, March 07, 2008

It's finally gone!!!

I have been trying to get rid of my mom's old black upright piano for almost 2 years now (I think- but it feels even longer) and finally IT'S GONE!!!!!!!!! I put it on back in December or early January and had a few responses that came to nothing. One guy even said he would take it and then came and looked at it and said no. I was so frustrated. I placed a new ad with even more info about the piano. It's old, black and ugly but it plays well and can be fixed up easily. Finally I had another response and then a phone call which turned into another person coming to look at it. His company was looking for a very sturdy piano to give to a handicapped man who liked to play but could be kinda rough. I told him this piano would be perfect for him. He looked at it and then said they would take it. He was going to talk to his company and they would hire some movers to come pick it up from me within a week or two!!

Well, that was on January 23rd or 24th. I sent them an email two weeks after to see what was going on and never heard back from them. I started to get upset that they had changed their minds and no one was ever going to take this thing off my hands. Finally this past Monday, I got a call from a different guy who was making the arrangements with the movers to come get my piano. He said that they would call again in a week or two. I stopped him right there and said that I hadn't heard from anyone in over a month about this and would prefer that they picked it up this week since I had already been waiting too long in my opinion. He said he didn't realize it had been that long and that they would come get it this week.

They came yesterday right around 11:00 and took it away. Cameryn was very upset that they were taking our piano but I told her she could always play with the one at Gramma's house. Mike called while they were moving the piano and asked if they were still in the house. I said no that they were in the yard trying to get the heavy piano up to the truck. He said good and to quickly lock the doors so they couldn't bring it back. Of course I couldn't do that since they still needed to take the bench but I was tempted.

It's so nice to have that big space open again in my kitchen. Of course now I have a ton of work to do. We are now going to move our computer desk and a small two drawer filing cabinet into the kitchen from our bedroom and then we will be rearranging our room. But I'm happy about having to do those things. I need to work on making my room nice and livable since I have already done that with Cameryn and Luke's rooms. So YAY for me (and Mike)!!

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Jessica said...

Oh My GOSH...I bet it's so nice to have all that space!! That piano was so huge and bulky...I'm glad for you that it's gone!!

Funny comment by Mike too!!