Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where's the sweetness gone to?

I am really struggling with Cameryn right now. She has suddenly just... I don't even know how to put it. I know no kid wants to hear no but she used to not take it so badly like she does now. She can be so sweet and nice and funny and then you tell her no to something and it's a little devil popping out and taking her place. She glares at me and screams and throws things and tells me she doesn't like me anymore. She throws the biggest fits I've ever seen and all I feel I can do is take her up to her room for a timeout. She screams while she's up there and I hear lots of banging and crashing. Sometimes she comes out into the hallway to scream down the stairs and I go back up put her back in her room and tell her she's not allowed to open the door unless she is quiet and calmed down.

I know it's her testing her boundaries and limits with me but I just wish that it wasn't everyday! I miss my sweet little girl who was so nice to her brother. Now it's just a back and forth with them too often for me. Cameryn takes a toy from Luke, Luke pinches her, she hits him, he hits back, she cries and pushes him, he cries and bites her wherever he reaches first. It's the most annoying thing. It's impossible for me to take showers during the day anymore cuz I'm afraid I'll come out of the shower and one of them will be bleeding or something. Cameryn doesn't always instigate it cuz Luke is older now and tries to take stuff from her as well.

Of course they still have their really nice moments with each other and they still get along most of the time, but it's seems more and more that I have to breaks up their squabbles. Cameryn is just a very very very very very stubborn girl. I think I have something over her so she'll cave in but no she comes out telling me, "okay". I've stopped trying that now and just take her up to her room. That always works (so far).

Especially with meal times. She has been sneaking snacks while I'm doing things and then doesn't want to eat any of her meals. Mike and I got fed up and hid or got rid of all the snacks. Her and Luke both like snacking way too much (what kid doesn't) so I've had enough. I'm not going to make dinner 3 different times with 3 different things. Mike and I are not a restaurant. Cameryn either eats what we give her or she goes to her room where she screams for the whole 3-5 minutes of time out and says she wants to eat, she's hungry. I calmly open the door and talk to her for a minute to explain why she's up here then take her downstairs where she usually will start eating her dinner. The other night though, that didn't work because she had snacked for what seemed like all day. I would find her eating a string cheese, then with some crackers or asking me for fruit snacks and cheetos. She gets out the popsicles or eats the fruit in the fridge. Of course I know that she's hungry cuz she didn't eat her breakfast or lunch that I made her that she asked for.

Anyways, the other night we were having leftovers and Cameryn was crying that she wanted something else which we said no to. She sat there for I don't know how long and then I took her upstairs then brought her back down. She took the smallest bite possible and then cried that she was done. I knew she probably wasn't hungry because she had been eating Goldfish all afternoon from my bowl, Luke's bowl and her own. She spent the rest of the night in her pj's in her room while we played with Luke and gave him a bath.

I hope that with no more snacks that this will stop soon and she will revert back to my good little princess Cameryn but it feels like it's been forever (when it's only a recent thing actually). I have been allowing one snack that the three of us eat together on the front porch outside after Luke wakes up. Yesterday it was the cherries that I bought at the store and Cameryn and I were spitting the seeds and seeing how far we could get them. She was just using her tongue with hilarious results and the day went really well. I think she just has too much sugar and she gets mean after it wears off. That stuff never really affected me (still doesn't and neither does caffeine). Anyways, I went to see a movie with my friend last night and Mike fed the kids and put them to bed. He said that they both ate every scrape of food on their dinner plates (nothing new for Luke) and were really good. This no snack policy seems to be working already!!

I am just going to have them be outside constantly cuz that seems to help them get along better. I am sooooooooooooooo glad that it's warmer now too. I don't know what I would have done if Cameryn started this attitude thing during the cold winter. But most of the winter all I dealt with was this:

and this:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Update on me

I am really starting to feel a lot better. Thank you for all of you that have sent me emails and comments hoping that I would feel better soon.

I had my ultrasound done last Monday and there were no nodules on it, which was good. But I got a letter from my doctors a few days later saying that I have an enlarged thyroid, which I'm not sure if it is a side effect from hyperthyroidism or just another symptom.

I still wasn't feeling that great even though I was taking the medicine last week. I kept getting horrible headaches, insomnia, and I was still nauseous, shaky, weak and most of my other symptoms. On Thursday, I went to the chiropractor to try and help lessen this horrible throbbing headache I was having in the right side of my head (it was so bad I felt like my brain was contracting or something). That helped a little bit but since these headaches are caused by my thyroid and not my usual neck issues, it didn't completely go away. But it did lessen a little every day and would go away completely for a few hours if I took medicine. By Saturday, it was finally completely gone and I haven't had a headache since!! I still get shaky and still have muscle weakness but most of my other symptoms seem to be so much less that I barely notice them. I love feeling better!! You never appreciate good health as much as after you've been sick for a long time. I'll have been on the medicine for two weeks on Friday and I'm so grateful that I'm already feeling better.

The only bad thing is now I have very little excuses for not cleaning my very dirty house. Oh well, I'd rather be feeling better then I was before this medicine any day!!

Luke ate veggies!!!!!

I was so excited last night cuz Luke finally ate some veggies with dinner without us having to hide them!! Luke never eats anything green which of course means almost every veggie out there. He'll eat corn and I think that's it. We can hide stuff in spaghetti and other pasta things but other then that he won't even try them. Last night we had zucchini that mike cooked on the grill with salt and pepper and probably some other stuff. Well Luke was only eating his potato and he would put the steak in his mouth and chew for awhile and then spit it out (and try to give it to me for my plate).

He started pointing to the zucchini and then his plate, so I decided, sure, what the heck. I put one small piece on his plate since Mike, Cameryn and me all like zucchini and I didn't want to waste it. He ate it (obviously from my title) and then demanded more. Mike and I exchange shocked looks and I give him two more pieces. He eats those before I can eat another bite of my own food and still wants more. More surprised looks and I give him more and then more again and more again until it is all gone and he has eaten half of it. I was so surprised and happy!! Though I'm sure it won't happen again, but you never know.

Monday, May 12, 2008

More Pictures by Cameryn

She is getting better with some of her pictures. I sure am glad that I have a digital camera though. I would hate to develop a roll of film and find nothing but pictures of door, knobs, drawers, light switches and up close faces. Anyways, these ones are pretty good. I did delete all the doors, etc though. Enjoy!!


I meant to write this on Friday but I just haven't gotten around to it. I wrote about getting my blood taken on Monday and then on Wednesday the nurse called me back and scheduled me to come in to talk about my test results. She made it for Monday but after thinking about it, I didn't want to wait 5 more days feeling like I was so I called and rescheduled for Friday.

The doctor went over all my results starting with my blood sugar (and some others that i don't know what they are but they are all fine), my cholesterol is PERFECT, and some other one that was fine too. Then we got to my thyroid tests. Bear with me as I try to explain this. They had at first ordered one test on my thyroid to measure the hormone coming from the pituitary gland (called TSH) that told the thyroid to produce it's hormone. The normal results are 0.350-5.500 and my TSH was 0.021. As you can hopefully see that is really low. My pituitary gland didn't need to send much of a signal because my thyroid is over producing by a lot (obviously). After they got that test in they ordered more to find out how much my thyroid was overproducing. They got those while I was there on Friday. The normal level for the hormone that a thyroid produces is between 0-40. Can you guess how high mine is? My level is 329!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's just a tad over, right.

I am just glad to know the reason for all of my problems. And I do mean all. The symptoms are nausea, headaches, shaking, heart palpitation, insomnia, high metabolism (weight loss), increased hunger, muscle weakness and there are more that I can't really remember, but these are the ones that I had. I was also extremely tired but my doctor said that the reason is probably because all my systems are going going going because of my hyperthyroidism which is making me VERY tired. I am now on medicine to get my thyroid under control and a beta blocker for my heart so it will slow down too. My resting heart rate was 110 beats per minute which is way too fast since I think it's supposed to be somewhere between 70 and 80. I keep reaching to feel my pulse because it's so nice and normal now, it's weird to think for three weeks it was pumping so fast. If hyperthyroidism goes too long without treatment, you can have heart failure and I can definitely see why.

So, I am starting to feel a little better but the thyroid medicine probably has to be in my system for longer to completely work. I did have to cancel my surgery because of all this but I would rather be on the safe side, especially with having to be on heart medicine. I feel all old though having these problems. I have to have a ultrasound done of my thyroid to see if there are any cysts or gouts on it making it go crazy and then I have to go back in to see the doctor. She also referred me to a specialist in Rockville. My mom went there to that practice and she really liked them. When they tell me that my thyroid is back under control then i can reschedule my surgery. I just hope it's soon, I wanted to be all healed and better by summer. I know that's dumb to worry about with all my problems now but still. I want to go to the pool!!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Twilight Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I found this today and I just had to post the first official trailer for the Twilight movie!!! I am so excited. Of course I have to wait until December but it looks good from some of the other stuff that I have seen. I hope that they follow the book at least pretty closely. Eeeeeeee!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Enjoy the preview!!

Too much

I haven't been in the mood to blog in awhile. I love doing it but I just have been too busy or tired. I actually have tons of stuff that I want to post, along with pictures of my kids and videos and other things. I have been sick though and then after I was feeling better from the head cold, I have been weak, tired, shaky, nauseous and have been getting constant headaches. (I also am having surgery next Wednesday for a hernia I have had since being pregnant with Cameryn) I have a lot going on and I am sick of feeling sick!!! I have been like this for over two weeks now and I hate it. I can't get any work around my house done because I don't have the energy. I can do the kitchen cuz that is really easy but the rest of the house is pretty gross now. I tried to clean my upstairs bathroom and all I could manage was the bath tub, after that I was tired and had no energy to do the toilet, sink and floor.

On Wednesday last week I finally called my doctor and scheduled an appointment for Friday morning. I went in and talked with her about what has been going on and she ordered a bunch of blood tests. Oh and she said that my heart is beating too fast as well. I don't have heart problems but it is weird and probably connected to this other stuff. I had to get blood taken before my surgery too so I went this morning (I had to fast and that makes my shaking A LOT worse) and got it all done. I hope they find something from these cuz I don't know how much more I can take. I don't want to constantly feel exhausted. They are going to test my thyroid, blood sugar, cholesterol (nothing to do with the shaking just might as well while I'm there) and they are going to see if I'm anemic. I really think it's my thyroid just because of the horrible hair loss after my pregnancies (it was not normal hair loss, I had two almost bald spots). I just hope that they figure it out.

I have been taking naps almost everyday with Luke because I am so tired. I feel bad for my kids too because I haven't been doing any fun things with them for awhile. I just want to feel good.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Child Photographer

A week ago, Cameryn decided to play with my camera and take some pictures. She wanted me to look at them so of course I did. Well, some of them (from a certain point of view) were actually pretty good and others were just silly. I couldn't post all the ones that I liked up here because it would be too many pictures so I did a quick little photo montage. No one really has to watch it cause it is not really any interesting pictures but I thought they were cute to I'm posting them anyways. I did edit out a whole bunch because even if someone decides to watch it, I'm sure they don't want to watch 3 minutes of pictures of cabinet door and walls, so it's only about a minute long. Enjoy my budding artist who draws and paints and takes pictures!!