Friday, March 07, 2008

Poor kids


Cameryn has started to watch the Star Wars movies (the original ones only). One Saturday Mike watched Return of the Jedi with her and since then she decided that she likes them. She calls them "the one where they rescue Leia", "the one with all the snow" and "the one with Jabba the Hutt". I would have thought she would call it "the one with the Ewoks", but guess not.

So Wednesday, I let her watch Empire Strikes Back while Luke was taking a nap. I was talking on the phone to my sister, Lindsey, when she starts calling me from downstairs. I go down there and she is very sad (not crying, just upset) because "Han's gone mama". She kept saying it over and over. I told her that his friends would rescue him so she didn't have to worry, but she was still a little bit sad.

It was so cute. She has watched it before and never really said anything about it but this past time, I guess it got to her. It was just too adorable. Lindsey thought it was so funny and cute too.


I've been trying to wean Luke for a while now. I have only been nursing him at nap time, bedtime and if he woke up in the middle of the night (also sometimes in the morning if he woke up to early and I wanted to get just a little bit more sleep). So I started with putting him in his bed while still awake; yes I know I should have been doing that for at least a year already, since he is 19 months old, but he would NEVER cry himself to sleep and I could only listen to so much screaming and crying and choking before I would give up and go in and get him. That was very slow going but he was getting better about it at least at bedtime. Nap time is a completely different story with him.

Then he was still waking up at night which I thought ridiculous since he is old enough to sleep through the night. Well, that it turns out is because he is getting his second molars in on the bottom already so he's been doing better now. Plus, I won't nurse him at night time if he wakes up. I will go in and pick him up but I'll just quietly talk to him and give him a drink of water if he wants one and wait until he calms down and then he'll quietly go back in his bed and sleep again.

All this was very slow going until he suddenly got attached to this Curious George stuffed animal that Mike bought for Cameryn at the hospital when she was born (we joked that she had monkey toes). One night he was hugging it and kissing it and Mike asked him if he wanted to take it to bed and he definitely did. Since then it has gotten easier and easier to do this whole weaning thing. It also is so cute to see him holding tight to this little monkey when he goes to bed and then when he wakes up. I've now stopped nursing him at night since Monday this week. He was okay with it until last night when he really freaked out and was crying and throwing himself around and pointing for me to lay down on my bed with him so I would nurse him. It was so sad and I wanted to just give in but I also would really like to be done at the same time. I didn't give in though and I gave him some water and got him calmed down finally by telling him that George needed to go to sleep and so did Daddy. He let me put him in his bed then but I still stayed in for another minute or two and patted his back.

He absolutely refuses to give up nursing at nap time though (at least right now- I will wear him down in time- haha). He will not calm down at all and doesn't want anything but me. George is a little bit helpful in at least cutting the nursing time down to only 2 or 3 minutes but I can't seem to get any farther then that. But I've only cut out the nursing for bedtime for not even a week so I'm still willing to give him more time for naps.

This was so much easier with Cameryn!! She weaned herself at 17 months and I didn't have to do anything. I guess they all can't be that easy.. to bad though.

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Jessica said...

I only had time to read about Cameryn, and that cracks me up. SHe took him being frozen so personally!! Does that mean that Han is her favorite??? Just like her mom!! I will admit that Han is cuter, but the power is all with Luke!!