Monday, April 07, 2008

A Portrait of Mama

Last Wednesday while I was working, I was trying to get Cameryn to stop getting into things so I got her to draw a picture of me. After she would draw each thing, she would yell to let me know that she drew my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, etc. Finally, I went to the play room to check out her picture and this is what I saw:

Lovely huh. Did you notice my beautiful breasts? Of course you did and no you're not mistaken, they are boobs, I asked. I had hoped that maybe they were something else but when I asked her what they were, she pointed to my chest and said "it's those things mama". She drew those before she gave me arms and legs. I had to remind her to add those in.

Isn't my daughter such a good artist!! I also have three eyes in the picture and she said that I am sad (probably cuz I'm naked- just kidding). I have to say that's a pretty good shape of a head though. That small extra circle below my head is my chin.

Once I had looked at the picture, I quickly got out of the room so I wouldn't laugh in front her. I called Mike on the phone and told him about the picture then took a picture with my camera phone to send to him. I laughed on and off about this picture for most of the day. I made sure I took it home with us after work. I'm saving this picture for sure.

Hope I gave you a good laugh!!


Nikki said...

Wow...that is gorgeous! It looks just like you :-) She will go far with that kind of attention to detail!

gilligan said...

I got a kick out of it, but what is the scribbles on your head with a tiny circle on top? A hat or hair and a berett? Too cute she is.Kevan.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

You totally gave me a good laugh! Your commentary on the art work was hilarious! Love that she made boobs before limbs. Hilarious!