Monday, April 21, 2008

Sick and stuff

We are all sick here in my house. Well, Luke actually only has a runny nose and is otherwise fine, but the rest of us here are miserable. Cameryn is better today but Saturday night and yesterday she had a fever and was pretty sick. She woke up like 6-7 times both Saturday and Sunday night and I am so tired. I was feeling crappy Saturday night as well and wasn't sleeping well anyways without her coming in my room so many freaking times. I'm so used to not being allowed to take anything while being pregnant or nursing that I had no cold medicine in the house (for adults) at all so I didn't get much sleep.

I really don't even feel like blogging now but I haven't done it for so long that I thought I should at least do a quick post. All I want is to sleep but having two kids, I don't get many naps. I actually got a short one this afternoon but it definitely wasn't enough.

I actually have some other things to write about but I don't really feel like it. I'll catch up more when I feel better.

Monday, April 07, 2008

A Portrait of Mama

Last Wednesday while I was working, I was trying to get Cameryn to stop getting into things so I got her to draw a picture of me. After she would draw each thing, she would yell to let me know that she drew my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, etc. Finally, I went to the play room to check out her picture and this is what I saw:

Lovely huh. Did you notice my beautiful breasts? Of course you did and no you're not mistaken, they are boobs, I asked. I had hoped that maybe they were something else but when I asked her what they were, she pointed to my chest and said "it's those things mama". She drew those before she gave me arms and legs. I had to remind her to add those in.

Isn't my daughter such a good artist!! I also have three eyes in the picture and she said that I am sad (probably cuz I'm naked- just kidding). I have to say that's a pretty good shape of a head though. That small extra circle below my head is my chin.

Once I had looked at the picture, I quickly got out of the room so I wouldn't laugh in front her. I called Mike on the phone and told him about the picture then took a picture with my camera phone to send to him. I laughed on and off about this picture for most of the day. I made sure I took it home with us after work. I'm saving this picture for sure.

Hope I gave you a good laugh!!