Thursday, May 24, 2007

My little headbanger

I finally got a good video of Luke ramming his head into things.

Cameryn was going potty in the bathroom and since Luke is obsessed with that room I have to keep the door shut. Well, needless to say he got a little upset that he couldn't go in there and this was the result.

Maybe this is how he knocks on doors?

This is a very common occurence with him, although it isn't always because he is throwing a fit. Sometimes he does it for fun... weird I know but really funny to watch. Once I swear he did it for a full 2 or 3 mintues and then when he got tired just moved on to playing with something else. He also does this to my leg to get my attention and likes to bonk heads with people that he likes (at least people he likes for the moment).

I was at a friend's house today and Luke kept bonking his head into her baby boy. Thank goodness her boy didn't care and they seemed to have fun together. It was so cute and I only wish that I had brought my camera with me.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ahhh... those funny naked stories

The other day Mike and I were bringing a grill that his parents were giving us into the house. Cameryn decided to be helpful and was holding the front door open for us while standing on the front porch which was wonderful... that is until we realized that all she had on was a shirt. Whatever... not a big deal. After all she is only 2 years old. What does it matter if she doesn't have any pants on?

Well, it didn't matter until Mike pointed out to Cameryn that she should come inside because she was half naked. She decided that this was really funny (which of course it was to us too) and promptly shut the screen door and took off down the front steps.

I really would have loved to just get my camera and tape her running as fast as she could holding her Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal, smiling her cute little smile and giggling. But unfortunately I had to run after her.

Thankfully she knows that she is not allowed to go any further then the edges of our very small front yard so it wasn't a long chase. But it was HILARIOUS!!! As soon as she saw me coming after her she started laughing even more and squealing with delight that I was chasing her. I quickly grabbed her as she was running back up the yard and brought her in the house where she quickly burst into tears (girls are very dramatic). She was crying she wanted to go back outside in the front yard. I told her she could play in the back but that wasn't good enough until I told her that I was going to chase her. The tears quickly vanished and she took off again running through the kitchen to the back door and onto the deck.

Oh how I love these funny moments that seem to always end so quickly. She is developing such an imagination and she does the silliest things. I have to wonder how she comes up with some of them. But I'm glad that she does. I want her to be able to be a child as long as she wants. Society seems to think that our children need to grow up faster then they do already and it makes me sad. I want her to be able to be a little girl for as long as possible because I will miss her when she isn't. Then she'll be a teenager and most likely not like me as much as she does now. I won't get the spontaneous hugs and kisses and the "I love you so much" followed by the hardest squeeze she can manage.

I will just enjoy all these moments as much as possible and will love my little girl a little bit more every day and not dwell on what is to come.

Here are two recent pictures of something silly she was doing in the car the other day that I had to get a picture of.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Funny happenings

I have been so busy these past few weeks and have not gotten to blogging in a long time. I'm sure I could have found a few minutes here or there but oh well.

The kids have been having a nice month so far. We've been getting in the pool a lot and going outside just to sit in our (small) front yard and play or going on walks and meeting up with friends and going to the park. You get the picture.Luke is really getting the hang of crawling and is a lot faster. He is such a busy body and I love it. I don't have a baby constantly wanting me to pick him up because he can crawl now.. it is WONDERFUL!! Of course when he is getting tired or just wants to be held for a few minutes he will crawl to me and sob and I of course pick him up.

He loves to carry things around in his mouth too. He's like a little puppy sometimes.

He has become quite the headbanger. I've never seen a baby do this. Cameryn would sometimes bonk heads with people for fun but Luke is a totally different story. He crawls up to walls or doors (or my leg) and just bangs his head into it over and over and over. At first I was worried but my mom read me something from a book about babies that do that and it pretty much said not to make a big deal about it or later on they might realize that they can get things they want by banging their head into things and throwing fits. So I'm not going to stop him unless of course he hurts himself on accident. I've been trying to get a good video of him doing it but I never have my camera ready and by the time I get it he's done. It is pretty funny looking though.

Cameryn has found even more ways to play with him since he started crawling. We keep our cat box in our basement so Mike installed a little kitty door in the door going into the basement. Well Luke loves to go down into the basement and of course will crawl over there the second he hears the door open. Cameryn discovered that this was a really fun way to play peek-a-boo.

I didn't get the whole thing on camera like the initial peek-a-boo and giggling and laughing but you get the idea.

Friday, May 04, 2007

It's finally happened

I have been waiting and waiting and growing so impatient for Luke to figure out the crawling thing and he FINALLY did!! I was playing with him on the floor on Tuesday night and he was laughing and having fun and suddenly figured out that if he moved his hands AND his knees that he could move forward. He only did it just barely but I knew he had finally got it and was so happy.

Since he was about 6 1/2 months old he has been up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth and seeming that he was seconds from crawling. However, he never made any attempts to crawl. Slowly he figured out how to move his arms forward but those back legs stayed still. Then he figured out how to go from his stomach to his hands and knees, then into a sitting position, which kids usually don't figure out until they are already crawling. I swear he has done everything possible in the crawling stance EXCEPT crawl. But that's my silly backwards baby. When he was learning to roll over, he rolled from his back to his stomach first instead of the other way around which is just weird.

On Wednesday, he kept trying more and barely moving his little knees a half an inch forward, but he was trying. Finally on Thursday I actually had my camera handy and captured this:

I thought the song was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, if I don't say so myself.

He still isn't crawling too much and whines a great deal when I move things out of his reach so he will have to crawl to them. There is a big difference in my kids there. Once Cameryn figured it out, she was gone and crawling here and there and I was always on the go watching her and following her around. Luke seems (for lack of a better word) lazy about the whole thing. Like it's just easier to cry and scream and whine to mom so she will pick me up or give me what I want. I know it has only been about 3 days since he started crawling but it is just so silly. He'll figure it out in his own time I'm sure.

I'm just happy that he got it cause I was starting to worry that he was going to skip crawling like so many kids do now a days. I didn't really think he would because I've always put him on his stomach like I did with Cameryn but I worried anyways. I just have to remember that my children are different people and that boys and girls do things differently and at different times also.

As I'm writing this he is crawling/scooting slowly around my room getting into everything. He especially likes doors so he can open and close them (as you see a little bit of in my video). For some reason though he always rams his head into the doors as well and then cries about it but still keeps doing it. I think he just wants attention when he does that.

He also had another first yesterday. His hair was already growing so long that I had to ask a friend of my moms to cut it for me. It looks very good for all the wiggling, head turning and crying he did. If you compare the pictures in the video to the pictures of Luke in other posts you'll see the difference. I think he looks so handsome. She also cut Cameryn's for me, not that she needed it. I just don't do that great of job when I do her bangs so I asked Nancy to trim her bangs for me and she also took like a half an inch from the back. I'm hoping that it will thicken up her hair a little bit. I forgot my camera but I took some with my mom's. When I get those picture I'll post them cause they are so cute.