Friday, March 28, 2008


I wrote earlier this month (I think) about my weaning Luke. Well, I was kinda complaining and saying how long it was going to take to finish weaning him. Boy was I wrong!! The day that I wrote that post was March 7th and that ended up being the last day that I nursed Luke (sigh). The next day, he was so good at nap time and bed time and I haven't had a problem since then.

I am happy about this of course but also miss my special time with my little boy. It was time though. And he is an angel about going to bed. It used to take me so long to get him to sleep and Mike was always done putting Cameryn to bed so quickly. I would be laying in bed wishing that I was done and that he would just go to sleep!!! Now all I have to do is tell him it's time for bed and pick him up with his stuffed animal Curious George. He tells everyone, "nighnight" and then lays down cuddling with George. This is so much nicer from the earlier days of me having to spend what felt like hours putting him to bed at night and nap time and then sometime he wouldn't take his naps. I definitely don't miss that.

He is like a thousand times easier to put to bed than Cameryn now, who finds every reason to get back out of bed, she's thirsty, she has to go potty, she needs to brush her teeth, and my personal favorite, "I need you". That's not even a reason! It is really quite frustrating. I make sure that we do all those things before we put her in bed so she can't have any excuses. We even got her a light that she reads book with in bed after we have said prayer and read both kids a book. For some reason, she just feels compelled to get out of bed every night. I have told her that if she gets out of bed she gets a smack on her little butt and yet she still gets out of bed and when I go to smack her butt, she yells, "no, don't do this". It is annoying and funny at the same time. The spanking seems to usually work for her only getting out once but if Mike goes out to put her back and not me, she doesn't get spanked so of course she gets out of bed again. I have told Mike over and over that he needs to be consistent with me and follow through on this, but he goes out there and it never happens. Dads are too soft. I don't like to be the mean one either, but I'm not going to put her to bed 10 times just to avoid spanking her or give in to letting her have sippy cup in bed or let her read even more books after she's done with the two small books we give her in the first place.

Anyone have any other ideas? We got her a new twin bed, decorated her room, give her lots of her stuffed animals to sleep with, read her stories, let her read more stories, gave her the light to read them with, got her her Princess bed set, and we are just out of ideas. I really think if both Mike and I got really strict with the whole spanking if she gets out, it will work. It's not like I'm asking him to beat her bottom, all I do is give her a small swat on her bottom and she gets more offended then hurt, but hey, it works. I do that then I tuck her back in bed and leave. No talking, no promising or bribing, I just leave. I just need to get dad on board.

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