Thursday, January 24, 2008

Missing myself

Just recently a lady at church decided to send around a sign up sheet for whoever wanted to play basketball after the young women have their practices on Wednesdays. I of course signed up because I loved playing church basketball growing up and though I'm not the greatest, I always have lots of fun.

We had our first "practice" last night. Only 5 people showed up but it was so fun. I am actually sore today, mainly my butt and back. Also I jammed my left middle finger, have many new bruises on my legs and for some reason my toes hurt on my left foot. I don't know how, but I always seem to jam at least one finger when I play basketball. Maybe my fingers are too long or something, I don't know. It's not too bad actually, I've definitely had worse jammed fingers then this one. It's just a little sore and bruised (like the rest of me). I am so out of shape!!

I ran cross country and track pretty much my whole life, from fourth grade through my senior year in high school, and I was really good at that. Plus, in high school, I always took a weight training class to get in even better shape, it also helped me not be so skinny and instead become thin and toned. I like being in shape and I miss it.

A lot of people are surprised (or don't even know) how competitive runners are and how hard it is to be a really good runner. It's a good thing too that I liked and was good at running because I only liked to play other sports for fun. I didn't realize how much I missed playing basketball though, or any sport for that matter. I may not be really good at anything (but running), but I'm pretty good at most sports I play when playing for fun. I even used to be pretty good at football when I played in my gym classes in high school. Anyways, we all had so much fun last night that even though the practice was supposed to be over at 7:00 we all stayed till about 7:30ish. We kept saying "okay 5 more minutes then I need to go" "okay seriously, 5 more minutes" and then kept playing and playing.

I loved playing church ball back in high school. It didn't hurt either that my ward won probably 95-99% of all our games. But it was fun, it was exercise and it was being with my friends and I realized last night that I REALLY missed that. I miss working out period. I know most people say they need to get in shape and I'm one of them, but I truly miss just being a physical person. I love competition, running, sports, and being active. Last night made me miss my old self.

I rarely even get to watch sports on TV, though I think I'm bad luck when I do. The past few years when I actually get to watch a game, football or basketball, the team I'm rooting for loses. ALL THE TIME!!! I was so happy that the Packers might make it to the Super Bowl this year so I made sure to watch the championship game against the Giants this past Sunday. Well, guess what, they lost. I really think it's better luck if I just don't watch them or any team that I like anymore.

Anyways, I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel this way either. I miss being my own person without my kids or my husband, not that I don't love them cos of course I do. I just miss being Daisy. I am in a book club now that actually makes sure they meet regularly and I love it. I love reading and having other people to talk about the book with, even though we definitely talk about a lot of other stuff during our meetings as well. Both my parents like to read like me so up until being in a book club, I have had only them to talk about books with, which is why I wish my brothers and sisters would read more (HINT HINT). A few months ago, I let my dad borrow all my Harry Potter books and he read them all and we would talk about them, it was great. Every time I read my favorite book of all time, Shadow of the Moon, I always talk about it again and again with my mom (I read it at least once a year-usually more). I always have to have something to read or I feel kinda lost or like I've forgotten something.

I love being physically active. I love artsy things like photography, painting, sewing and even silly crafts. I think times like these are the only times where I miss being in high school (yuck, I know but....). I had time to do my own thing and no (or almost no) responsibilities. I know I can't be the only one to feel this way, but sometimes I feel guilty for feeling that way which is silly. Just because someone becomes a wife and mother doesn't mean that they don't get some "ME" time anymore and I am determined to find as much me time as I can!!

Luke's amazing tricks

Luke has started doing this when we go into Cameryn's room at night to say prayer. He thinks he is so cool and of course he is. Sometimes he even goes around to the other side of the bed to do it. I can only say, wow he is amazing!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

So Thirsty

Quick story...

So I was making some lunch for the kids and Luke, as usual, was hanging around me talking and getting into this and that. Usually when we are cooking, he likes to get into the drawer with all the cooking utensils; spatulas and wooden spoons etc. So he was playing in the drawer and pulls out a ladle. At this point I stop paying attention to go to the sink and put something in it. I turn around and Luke has the ladle up to his mouth pretending to drink out of it. Then I look again and he is not pretending anything. He had taken the ladle and dipped it into the bowl of dog water and was drinking the yummy dog water. He had the cutest little grin on his face like he was so smart to think of such a thing, what a genius way to get water when you are thirsty. I laughed and then told him no and took the ladle away to the sink. His little smile was so priceless though. I wish I had a picture of it to post.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Video- Some Good G.O.B.

I tried to find some videos of the show to go along with my last post and this is one of the best mainly about Gob. I'm trying to find others but most of the other videos on YouTube are just picture montages and weird stuff.

Don't you just love his chicken impression!! Plus the awful magic show, ahhh, so good.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

You just have to watch it

After Christmas, we were in Target because Cameryn had a gift card. She had so much fun picking stuff out to get with her gift card, it's given me good ideas for gifts for other kids. Anyways, while in Target I saw this TV show that I LOVED (loved loved loved in fact) on DVD, they had the first two seasons. Since there hasn't been really any good/new programming on because of the stupid writers strike, I have been watching lots of stuff on DVD. I was just curious how much it was and so I checked it out on one of those scanner things they have in Target. Well, they was only $19.00 so I just had to get them.

I don't know if any of you watched Arrested Development when it was on TV but it is one of THE best comedy shows I've ever watched. It is so completely different than any other comedy and just plain hilarious. I have really been enjoying watching it again. I wish that it could have been on air longer but it was just one of those really great, perfect, wonderful shows that never really got the audience that they deserved (like Firefly). I think that is the only thing wrong with the show, that it was cut short. Plus it was on Fox which I'll just say probably doesn't have that intelligent of an audience in the first place.

It's about this completely dysfunctional family and what happens when the father goes to jail supposedly for business related stuff. It is the most comically genius show ever. I crack up just thinking about some of the scenes. The cast is just perfect together. It has Jason Bateman who plays pretty much the only normal person in the family and Michael Cera plays his son (from Superbad, Juno) who develops a crush on his cousin, Maeby, who is a compulsive liar and always trying to "get back" at her parents by doing stupid things. The guy who plays her father is a "never-nude" (he always has a pair of jean cutoffs on) and her mother tries to be this liberal do gooder who never does any good. The older brother, Gob (like job but with a g) is played by the hilarious Will Arnett, who tries to be a magician and is the worst you have ever seen. He makes me laugh so hard that I could pee myself. The younger brother, Buster, still lives at home with his mother who is this controlling , overbearing manipulative woman.

I don't know if you even know who half these actors are but this show is priceless. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good laugh. If you are a fan of subtle and INTELLIGENT humor, you really have to check it out. They only did three seasons total and the third was tragically only 13 episodes but well worth watching. This show also has some physical humor as well and it is constantly making fun of itself.

I know it's kinda out of nowhere for me to post about some show but since I've been watching these first two seasons, I've just been in better moods it seems. There are so many priceless lines in the show and I'll be cleaning or whatever and something will pop into my head and I just laugh to myself. If my kids were older they would probably think I'm going crazy, but at their young age, if they see me laughing, they just think I'm smiling at something they are doing.

I just read what I wrote and it sounds like a review for it or something (poorly written review but whatever, I wasn't an English major). It's just a show that has made me laugh and I think everyone should watch it. I think it helped pave the way for other genious comedy shows like The Office to come to American TV's (since it was a British show first). Even if you don't like The Office (Nikki) I really think that you all would love this show.

Yes, I think I am a little bit of a tv-aholic but hey, I need a little bit of a break and I read tons of books too, just ask anyone in my family. Just don't get me started on talking about LOST cause I could go on forever about that show. I just got my brother, Andrew, and my mom obsessed with it!! Last year, it was my sister, Mary and now we are all working on our dad.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Shipley Look-alike Meter

I saw this on Nikki's page and thought it would be fun to do.

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

Friday, January 04, 2008

Cameryn's new do

I think I'm trying to make up for the lack of posting the past few weeks or months. I finally cut Cameryn's bangs though. Christmas morning after presents and breakfast, I put in one of the new movies the kids got and sat her up on a high chair and cut her bangs. They just kept getting in her eyes and she was rubbing them so much, they were getting red and puffy and I was worried she might be getting pink eye.

I left it like that till Friday night and then I decided that I needed to trim her hair too. It was just so thin and stringy. It was still her baby hair since I had only cut like a half inch off the bottom to even it out. Well, I think it turned out really well. I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. She was really good too standing on the toilet in the bathroom. It looks healthier now to me and I really like it. I am going to let it grow out again cause I like it long but I'm hoping that it will get a tad bit thicker now.

So here's the pics:

Here is Cameryn the Sunday before Christmas with long bangs and all.
If you look carefully in this picture you can see her puffy and red eyes. This is from Christmas Eve.
This is Christmas Day at my parents house (Luke had spilled candle wax all over the place including his shirt). You can see her pretty new bangs now.
I took these a few days after I cut her hair since it was already bed time when I decided to cut it in the first place.
So what do you think?

Semi old videos

I meant to put this video on a few months ago (I took these back in November).

Luke has always been really fond of animals, not just ours but any and all animals. Anyway, Mike was flipping through the channels one night and stopped on Animal Planet. They were having this show on about wolfs and Luke got so excited. It was so cute and I ran to get the camera. I just love how big his grin is and how excited he gets. He keeps turning around to look at his daddy and laughing.

About a week later, he was babbling about puppies again (everything is a puppy, sometimes a kitty; they are just easiest to say I guess). So Mike thought it would be fun to sit him in front of the computer on YouTube and type in puppies. He was so happy!! Though, he still thinks that anytime you get on the computer, he is going to get to watch "puppies". That kids gets old cause he always trying to climb on my lap and then gets upset when I don't let him watch the videos. Oh well.

I can see we are going to have our hands full with this boy though. He's probably going to be taming squirrels and birds and bringing home injured animals... or just live gross ones. I guess that's boys though.