Monday, March 17, 2008

Good things are good things to do...

"Good things are good things to do and bad things are bad things to do" Words of wisdom from Cameryn given to me and Luke while eating lunch the other day. That girl is so funny. Everytime she does somethings nice she looks at me and says "Mama, I'm a good grrr (though she is saying girl it comes out sounding like grrr), I'm so nice to my brother, I such a good grrr". She can be very sweet some of the time, though I think Luke gets a little sick of her picking him up and smothering him with kisses and hugs. She is getting better at not grabbing every toy away from Luke and asking him first to have it or just trading with him.

Luke can stick up for himself though or at least he's getting better at it. There is plenty of smacking going on on both sides. He really loves his sister though and is very protective of her around lots of other kids. He gets very upset when someone tries to take a toy or food away from her.

They are so cute playing together. We bought a lightsaber for Luke so they could each have one and play with them together (yeah, I know we're just asking for it aren't we but we couldn't help it; besides they fight constantly over Cameryn's). So Luke was playing with his in the living room and hitting the dog and his daddy and most everything in sight. Cameryn had ran to her room to get her lightsaber so when Luke goes to try to hit her with his, she blocks it. It was so cute and then he started getting upset because he couldn't hit her. He wasn't swinging it around really hard so no one think that I let my kids hit everyone and everything for fun. I'm just glad that they like to spend so much time playing together and that they make each other so happy (mostly).

Here's art and crafts time with watercolors:

Luke painted mostly in that same spot the whole time and then after awhile only wanted to "paint" with the water.

Cameryn is a very good little artist so far and colors very well between the lines. She likes to color all the small things first though like eyes and parts of the face. She can paint or color for hours though. We have tons and tons of her artwork just laying around the house. I hate to throw it away but what do I do with it all.

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