Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My addiction

So I have been reading a ton of books lately. I think it's the weather and we've been inside so much and I have just been really in the mood to read, a lot. I joined a book club in October or November last year and we have been meeting the first friday of every month. I have really enjoyed being introduced to new books and authors that I wouldn't have read otherwise. The only thing is I'm a really fast reader so I'm usually done reading the book club book in about a week depending on how long it is and how quickly I get into it. Well this definitely wasn't enough for me in a one month period so I still borrowed other books from the library, re-read some of my favorites and also borrowed one from my brother.

So in December, I read the book for book club then borrowed Red Dragon from my brother, Ezra and after that read my favorite book again, Shadow of the Moon. I decided since I had read Red Dragon and liked it, I would read Silence of the Lambs next. All during those books I had another book to read for book club that I didn't get until about 3 days days before our meeting so I hadn't finished it by the first friday in January. Well, I finished that a few days after book club and then finished Silence of the Lambs (had to take a break to read the book for book club first... just a quick side note that just popped into my head, am I the only one that gets slightly annoyed when people don't finish the book for book club? I mean, come on, you have a MONTH. I understand if you don't like it or have trouble getting into the book, you might take a while to finish. But you're in a book club and of course not everyone is going to like all the books but at least read it and finish it so you can participate in the discussion and tell everyone why you didn't like it even if the book discussion is only a few mintues long and the rest of the time is spent gossiping and talking about politics. Sorry, it's just a pet peeve.... on with my original thought...)

I really enjoyed both the books I had read so far in the Hannibal Lector series so I decided to just finish the rest. So I read Hannibal, which I did not like but finished anyways, then the book for book club, which I really enjoyed called The Book Thief, really excellent book. A week or so before I got to reading The Book Thief, I read a post on my cousin Nikki's blog about this book that she read in her book club and that she had really loved. So I went online and went to put a hold on it through the library. It told me that I might have to wait 50 DAYS to get the book. I thought wow this must be a good book. So while waiting for this book, I finished the Book Thief and started Hannibal Rising (hated that one too). Thankfully it didn't take 50 days for me to get this other book but when it arrived at the library I was in the middle of Hannibal Rising and even though I hated the book and it was stupid, I am one of those people who has to finish it no matter what. (When I read The Three Musketeers for "pleasure" reading -trust me, NOT a pleasure- it was actually painful almost to finish, I hated it so much, what a stupid book. That's the first time I have ever liked the movie better then the book.)

Finally I finished the boring book and started Twilight. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! I was into it in a matter of minutes and it was so difficult to put down even when I could barely keep my eyes open at bed time. I dreamt about it and then woke up in the morning impatient to pick it up again and read more. I read the first one in less then 2 days and went online again to the library to place holds on the other 2 books. I wished that I had had some money to just go and buy them myself but I was content to read through the first one again and again if necessary. Thankfully I only had to read it through one more time (slower this time though to enjoy it even more) before the library had BOTH of the other books available for me. I read those both so quickly as well and am so EXCITED for the next book to come out. I think it's supposed to come out this year sometime. I will definitely be waiting impatiently to get my hands on the new book. Now I'm reading all three of them at least one more time before they are due back at the library.

I'm actually super excited for my birthday this year because I've been hinting at everyone that I would love these books for my present. I'm not a person to be all "yay, it's my birthday give me presents and celebrate me"!!! Not because I am at all worried about aging, I really don't care about age, I just never feel comfortable being the center of attention and I don't really care about my birthday. Maybe it's from being teased as a kid because I'm a leap day baby and only have an actual birthday every 4 years. It never hurt my feelings or anything, I thought it was funny and cool to be unique this way. All I ask on my birthday this year is for someone or mutiple someones to give me these books and for my mom to make me my favorite wheat cake with her yummy homemade icing. Most of my younger siblings don't like the cake (they think I should get boring chocolate with boring chocolate icing) so it just means more for me!!!!!

Anyways, my point to this post was not just about Twilight, though that's a big part. I was talking to my mom on Saturday about how I have been reading so much lately and I think I have literally become addicted to reading. When I am without a book or have just finished one and don't immediately have something else to read, I feel very lost and like I am forgetting something.. It's kinda hard to explain exactly how I feel actually. It's like impatient and anxious that I should have something to read RIGHT THEN. I have always enjoyed reading, even as a really really young girl (like Cameryn's age) but lately I HAVE to have something to read or at least waiting for me to read. I have been having to make myself stop reading just to get house work done. I will load the dishwasher and then read a chapter or two and then wash the counters and table and left over dishes that didn't fit in the dishwasher and then read another 2 chapters and then sweep and wash the floors and then read more etc. It's gotten a little bit ridiculous (maybe that's an understatement). That has also been the reason for my lack of new posts and pictures lately. I've been so addicted to my books and acquiring more books to read that I feel like any free time I have (after kids go to sleep or naptime) is wasted if I'm not reading my books. Needless to say, my husband is trying his best to be patient with me so I am really really going to try to control myself for the next little while.

Though, with that said, if any of you out there have any other really good book suggestions, I would love to have them. I AM going to really try to be better at pacing myself so don't worry about that, but I haven't read a book that I have enjoyed as much as Twilight and the two sequels in a LONG time. If anyone wants to comment and gush about how awesome Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse are feel free. I could talk about this book for hours. Gina, I'm waiting for your call, haha!!!


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Notes on a Scandal, after I watched the movie last week. It was a very quick read, but I really liked it. The movie is good too, if you want to rent that.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Yay! You finished book one and now you are trapped in Forks in your dreams every night! I am so happy for you, but I just wish you could get your paws on those other two books. I'd ship them over, but my friend has them right now.

Read my post from last week about my recommendations on other books to keep you busy in the meantime.

I love you and WILL call soon!