Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pine Wood Derby

Mike is the assistant Cub Scout master and so they recently had their Pine Wood Derby. Mike made a car for it and did pretty good. I brought the kids to watch all the boys and their cars and Luke thought it was the coolest thing to watch all the cars race. They held it in this store called HobbyTown. They had the track hooked up to a computer and each car went down each of the four tracks and then they averaged all the boys times to come up with the winners. My brother, Devon, was there and he got a trophy for the fastest Weeblo (sp?). He was second fastest overall too!! Anyways, I didn't take too many pictures but here are a few of the kids before the race started sitting with Grandpa and then one waiting for the cars to go down the track. Luke was so cute I should have taken a video of how excited he was getting.

Not a very exciting post but I am kinda far behind on my posting so I'm trying to catch up on all mine and the kids doings.


Nikki said...

I didn't know that Mike was in Cub Scouts? Does he like it? fun! Is it a ward calling? Good Stuff Daiz!

Jessica said...

So did Cameryn squeal everytime a car went by her? I looks like she was waiting so patiently!

Can dad ever have a picture where he is not giving someone bunny ears?? Silly Dad!!

I'm glad that Mike likes his calling. I think that Pine Wood Derbys are so fun. He will get good practice for when Luke goes!