Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cameryn's "new" room

Mike and I have slowly been changing Cameryn's room to make it more like a little girl's room and less like a baby's room. A few months ago we painted her room. It was already painted purple when I first had her but we painted it a softer purple with semi gloss so I could clean the walls as well (the previous purple was flat paint).

Almost a year ago (I think), I had started coloring these pictures for her out of her Princess coloring book just for fun coz I liked to color with Cameryn. Well, I got the idea that I could frame and hang up these pretty pictures in her room. I have a whole bunch still that I want to color for her but I got really tired of procrastinating and waiting to have them all done. So I used the frames that my mother-in-law had bought Cameryn for Christmas (for the pictures) and finally this week I hung up five of them. Cameryn was so excited and really loves them up. I had six of them framed but didn't have enough room (yet) to hang up the sixth so that one is sitting on her dresser.

Cameryn just LOVES Princesses (what little girl doesn't) so she is so excited about her "new" room.

On Monday, my mom drove to my house with Kathryn and Devon and they watched my kids (Luke was down for a nap) while we drove back to my mom's house to get a twin mattress that she was giving us. Cameryn had been in a toddler bed since before Luke was born and she was just too big for it. We don't have a frame yet for the bed but while she is getting used to her new room, I'm glad that it's only on the floor so she won't fall out or something in the middle of the night. She actually bought her first set of sheets with a gift card to Target that she got for Christmas. We found these flannel sheets that were on sale and she bought Hello Kitty ones.

Even though it's been slow going, I have been having so much fun rearranging and decorating her room. Little girl stuff is so much fun!!!

I just wanted to show everyone a close up of some of the pictures I colored. Don't I color just beautifully!!! Look at all those colors. I even tried to shade on some of them. I am awesome!!

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Jessica said...

Woops. I just commented on your latest blog, I guess I should've scrolled down a little more to see these cute pictures. They look really good. I love what you've done with her room. I need to cutesify the girls room. I have a whole bunch of things to hang and some cute little...oh I can't remember what they are called...but they are cute and they would add a lot to their room...I just need to DO IT!!!!