Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

I am just posting a bunch of pictures that I never got around to putting up because of... well... my addiction (see previous post) and just being busy and lazy at the same time. Is that possible?

This was from mid January when we finally got some snow. Luke was not happy with having to wear his boots but he loved the "no" (snow in case you didn't figure that out). The other one is just a daily cute picture of my baby boy.

This is Cameryn and Luke being "spiders". I don't know how having shoes on your hands makes you a spider but to them it does.

Mike likes to buy the kids those rub on tattoos and they of course love them. They are hard to see in these picture but Cameryn has Storm (an X-men) and Luke has some fiery dice. I had an even cuter one of Luke's tattoo but it also had him in all his glory so I couldn't really post it. I don't want weirdos on my site.

Luke has finally started allowing us to read books to him. He could never sit still long enough for it before but he LOVES "Go Dog, Go". He tries to go to sleep with it too. The one in the picture though is a different book. Just another cute adorable picture of my girl.

Luke and Cameryn were having tons of fun playing in Daddy's sleeping clothes.

Don't you love the sneaky look on his face. He's up to something, as usual.

Mike's birthday was this past Saturday (Ground Hog's Day) and on Sunday we made him a cake. Cameryn wanted Daddy to have a "Bob cake" (Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales) so here it is. Not too bad huh. Kathryn actually drew the face on him. I know it looks pink but I couldn't put too much dye in it and the camera's flash made it look really pink. Everyone loved it and Cameryn got to help blow out the candles.

I have a ton of videos that I want to post but they'll have to go into another post. This one has enough I think.

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Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Love the spider concept! That cracks me up! All the photos are great!

Happy belated to Mike and look at you Daisy, you are going to be 7 at the end of the month! I hope you get your book wishes!