Sunday, August 03, 2008

Luke is 2!!!

Okay so after my ANGRY post, my friend, Gina, commented and told me how I might find my post and viola... there it was. I guess I was just impatient after all the time I spent on it and wasn't thinking rationally. Anyways, thanks Gina!!

Luke's birthday was over a week ago and I'm finally getting around to posting it now. I was going to do it on Sunday since I was busy Friday (his actual birthday) and Saturday (his birthday party), but I got to into changing my blogs look and never got around to actually writing in it.

So I have given Luke his very late summer hair cut. I hate cutting it so short but he is such a hot sweaty boy and a few minutes outside was enough to plaster it to his head. Plus he is usually not cooperative when we cut his hair so I just buzzed it all off. He was so good though. He just sat there and didn't cry out once. After I was done, I took him outside to brush all the hair off and he was starring at his reflection in the door and rubbing his head. He loved it. I still am catching him rubbing it, unfortunately a lot of the time with food all over him. The other day we were eating spagetti and his head was all orange by the time we got him down from him rubbing it with spagetti all over his hands. I do love to feel those buzz cuts too though. Everytime I ask him where his hair went he says, "hair all gone, ____ did it" I did ___ because he always says that someone else did it besides me, Opa (my dad), Boss (Kathryn), Devon, Bamma (my mom) and the list could go on. He laughs cuz he knows he's just being silly.

Anyways, back to his birthday. We didn't do alot for his birthday on Friday except tell him it was his birthday and keep him busy and have fun. We had the party on Saturday at a park near my parents house. I have usually had all my kids parties at my house but it's so much more preparation to clean and get ready and then you have to repeat it once everyone is gone. I am just too tired and worn out and busy to do that this year. Mike reserved it (using my parents address since we aren't living in the city so it was only $15) so we would would have dibs on the pavilions in case there were other people there. It a really nice little park and I loved having his party there. It's got a small basketball court, a net set up to play with, swings and a playground.

We still only invited family and a few friends cuz Luke is still only 2 and I'm not into the huge kid parties for little kids. I've decided to let Cameryn have a bigger party this year with friends but she will be 4 soon and I think thats a better age and she will enjoy it more. None of our friends were able to come so it was just my family (whats left of them here, though poor Devon didn't feel well) Mike's parents, grandmother, two of his aunts and his cousin Ben. It was so much fun though. My mother-in-law, Robin, really did a lot for the party on Saturday too. She bought a lot of the plates and all that kind of nesecary stuff along with ballons and brought lots of food. Everyone else brought at least one thing and Mike and I did hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone.

The kids had a blast playing on the playground and were running and laughing with Kathryn and Ben. Cameryn especially had so much fun playing with Ben. She would hide in some of the equipment and then tell Ben to come and find her and then scream and squeal when he did. It was so cute. Luke was everywhere running and sliding and climbing and laughing. After we ate and played for a while, a bunch of us played badmitton. Mike, me, Ben and Kathryn against my mom, Robin, Aunt Shirley and Aunt Vicki. Yeah, not the most fair teams but no one seemed to care and we had so much fun playing and laughing about everything. My mom and Robin were really good too. The bugs started to be too much for us though and we called it to go eat some cake.

This was the only picture I managed to get of Cameryn and Ben playing. they were running around so much and I had to quickly snap this one but I think I got a good one.

Mike's Aunt Shirley made the main cake for Luke in the shape of a motorcycle. It was so awesome. It was pretty good too. Though I have a preference (obsession) for those whipped cream cakes too so we bought a very small one from a store for people who wanted a choice.

After cake, it started to look like rain so everyone ran around and packed everything back into the cars and then Luke opened up his presents. He got a tricycle, some pool and sandbox toys, a sandbox (didn't get that till Sunday when Mike's parents brought it over), some Matchbox cars, a track to run them on, clothes and a little potty seat that plays music when you use it.

** breaking news- as I was typing this Luke made me stop so I could change his diaper saying there was poop in it. So I get a clean diaper and wipes and there is no poop. I'm about to put on the new diaper but Luke is yelling no and I can see that he is about to poop. I pick him up and run him over to his new potty. He sits on it and then gets scared and tries to get up but - too late- I hear the music play and there is poop in the potty!!!!! My baby boy just pooped for the first time in his new potty. Of course he really isn't completely ready for potty training but I thought, why not, he hadn't pooped in the diaper yet and it was going to come out anyways. Back to my other story now**

You can see what his favorite toys were. He would get upset if anyone even touched one of them.
So after we packed up the toys, we all talked for a while longer until it started to sprinkle outside and decided it was probably time to go home, especially since Mike drove his motorcycle. It turned out so well and I didn't have an entire house to clean afterwards so it was great on so many levels.

I'm so proud of my little boy. He is growing up so quickly and talking so well now. More people can understand him now and he is just so funny. He loves to play play play but is so well behaved when it is naptime or bedtime. He makes my life happier just by being in it and am so glad that he is mine.

He is learning how to do more and more things and can be a real menace on his new little tricycle though I guess we shouldn't let him do it in the house, but there are too many mosquitos outside. The way he jumps to me or anyone in the pool and laughs and smiles just makes me happy no matter what is going on in my life. I love to see him and Cameryn playing and getting along and laughing together. They really love each other so much already and I love to see them so close. Luke is also the hugging and kissingest boy in the world sometimes. He will be playing and periodically just get up and come over and kiss my knee or arm or whatever it is he reaches first.

He likes to pick out his own clothes now and can be kinda picky sometimes too. He loves to look at books and be read to. He loves to be outside and at the park or the pool but especially at his Bamma's house playing with Boss and Devon!! I am so lucky to have them living close and I am so thankful for their willingness to watch my kids. Luke and Cameryn love to have them over at our house too. Okay well I guess this is long enough already (I can't seem to do a short post can I) but I just couldn't settle with just a few pictures so here we are, yes, another montage by me.


Jessica said...

Wow, that was a nice entry...I'm glad that his birthday party was a hit! He is so darn cute...I love the video picture thing. Everytime you have one on your blog my kids love to watch it over and over again!!

hilary said...

hi daisy - thanks for finding my blog and making comments! i was so excited when lindsey found me on facebook. i love catching up with all the trosses.