Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beach Trip

I really don't know how this keeps happening to me BUT somehow part of this post got erased and I was so frustrated that I put off finishing it again till this weekend. Anyways, I tried not to make it to long since I added so many pictures.

We went to Ocean City, MD last weekend. We left on Friday night at about 10:00 (I had a work party that I had wanted to go to) and got to Ocean City about 1:30 with a few stops in between so we made really good time going that late at night. My mother-in-law, Robin, rode down with us and kept me company while I drove the last half and Mike slept in the back. We stayed with Mike's family; Aunt Shirley, Aunt Vicki, Grace, Ben and Ben's girlfriend, Jenny. They had been there for over a week and invited us to come stay with them if we wanted. Mike, me, Cameryn and Luke all slept in one room with Mike and Luke on the floor on a blow-up mattress and me and Cameryn in the bed. Unfortunately we got woken up early so I was so tired all day but it was still fun being on the beach. I haven't been to Ocean City in about 10 years.

We spent that whole first day on the beach and boy did Cameryn have fun. She played and played and played. She dug holes for herself and buried everyones feet. She ran down to the water (always supervised of course) picked up handfulls of sand to throw in the water and then run away from it before it could get her wet. She had almost everyone take her into the water with them and had so much fun especially with her Daddy. Ben, Grace and Jenny started building this huge sandcastle which Cameryn had fun destroying later. She was so busy all day.

Luke, on the other hand, would not have anything to do with the sand. I was all for making him get used to it but everyone else picked him up and sat him on chairs or their laps. Somehow it didn't occur to me to go get Cameryn's crocs for him to wear, but I'm an idiot sometimes. He spent most of the day sitting on Aunt Shirley's lap or in the chair next to her and he talked and talked.

Everyone came in between 4-6 and got ready to go to dinner. Cameryn and Luke both fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner. I guess it's exhausting at the beach even when you do nothing but sit all day. Luke woke up when we got there and ate a ton of pizza but Cameryn somehow stayed asleep. I figured she would wake up when we sat down, but not so. Then I had to go to the bathroom and handed her off to Aunt Shirley thinking she would wake up then, no again. She slept all through dinner in a loud restaurant. I took her back to carry her to the car when we were leaving and she whimpered in the car cuz she wanted to go home to sleep. She screamed a little when I put her pj's on and then made her go to the bathroom but as soon as I laid her down in the bed, she was out. She slept 13 hours that night, poor little tired girl.

We went to the boardwalk on Sunday after packing up the car and Robin bought Luke a little outfit and Cameryn a pretty dress that she picked out herself. We left at about 12:30 to go home. We stopped shortly after though to eat lunch before Luke fell asleep. Somehow with 13 hours of sleep Cameryn was still tired and she was the one to fall asleep. Luke stayed awake the whole 4 hours home and all through traffic too.

It was a fun weekend but I would love to have more than one day at the beach, it's just not enough!!

Luke with Vicki in the waves.

Luke's spot for almost the rest of the day, there or right next to Aunt Shirley on the chair.
Cameryn with Robin digging a hole for her to get into. I love her cute face!!

Ben and Jenny starting to build a big sand castle for Cameryn. She had fun getting into the big hole they dug and then she had even more fun stepping on all the castles and the whole outside of it, too bad I missed it cuz I fell asleep.

Here he his again with Aunt Shirley, talking up a storm I'm sure. He talks so much now it's crazy.

Luke playing with Grace while we were waiting for everyone to get ready to leave for dinner. He had so much fun with her and kept saying, "Grace, chase me" though of course it sounded more like "Gace" and not Grace.

Poor tired Cameryn on the boardwalk. She really wanted to go home. She wanted to carry her own dress though and wouldn't let me carry it with my stuff, not like it was heavy.

I couldn't get her car seat to recline though I really tried. I would have had to take her out first and then do it. So she was stuck like this.

Luke awake the whole time!!! Little punk. He was complaining right then about wanting to get out of his seat.

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Jessica said...

That's so funny...Luke all social with the ladies! Beats getting all sandy I guess. That's amazing that Cameryn slept so long, at least you didn't have to put up with her being a brat for that time...I only say that because YOU told me that. I don't actually think that she is a brat...bright!!
I'm glad that you guys had a good time, nothing beats a day at the beach!!