Friday, August 15, 2008

Hershey Park

This is my 99th post!! So I've been busy working on my 100 things about me and have forgotten to put up pictures of our trip to Hershey Park.

It started out a rainy, poopy day and we weren't sure if we were even going to go but ended up very nice and sunny. We went with Mike's parents Jeff and Robin. Robin's work was having a thing there and the tickets were cheaper and included lunch as well.

I was glad that here at least Luke would be able to ride some of the rides. They actually had a ton of rides for him. And boy did he have fun. Him and Cameryn would run from ride to ride and get really impatient when we had to wait. We went on the big carousel first and Luke did not want to get off. I had to gently and nicely talk him into letting me pry his fingers off the horse. I didn't want a scene of crying so early in the day but I told him we would take him to more rides and he finally let go. The funny thing was, he rarely looked like he was having fun. He mostly had this serious look on his face and it took him seeing Cameryn laughing and having fun for him to smile. Luke loved all the train rides too, what is it with boys and choo choos.

Yes, my eyes are closed but this is what Luke looked like on most of the rides so I thought I would put it in anyways, even though I look stupid.

Don't you love that face!! She was all smiles and laughing and then we saw her put the end of the seat belt in her mouth and told her to stop. So of course right as she got close enough to take a picture this was her facial expression. I thought it was funny so I kept it. She was very sweet though with Luke. She kept putting her arms around him and hugging him the whole time.

We went on this one ride called Rodeo. Mike rode with Luke and I rode with Cameryn. It was a big circle and would go around and around while going up and down. Well Cameryn was laughing and giggling the whole time saying that it was tickling her belly (you know like when you go up and down a steep hill really fast and your stomach drops). Her laughing is so contagious and had me laughing as well. Then Luke sees the kids sitting in front of him raising their arms up and he puts his up in the air as well. It was so cute!

Mike went on a lot of the rides with them which they both loved. Don't you just love Cameryn's sweet little face. Too bad Luke looked down right before I took the picture.

Luke loved this ride on the "hetopter". Though most of the time he called it an airplane but hey, close enough.

After some more rides we went to have lunch. It wasn't that good but we all ate it anyways. Plus there was free ice cream!

We took the kids over to the little mini swings after we ate lunch. Luke LOVED the swings. It was so cute. He kept making the cutest faces at us and laughing when we made faces at him on each turn.

Look at that sweet smile!! I can't get enough of that boys little face.

After the last ride (above), we went to the Chocolate factory to go on the tour there (and get into some AC). The kids enjoyed it and we all got to rest for a bit. Robin bought both the kids a souvenir T-shirt and we all got cookies, yummy!!

It was still only about 4:00 I think but we were all tired anyways so we headed to the car, Mike's parents had driven with us. Somehow Mike had gotten on a different road on the way home. It still took us home and we knew where we were but it was a longer way around. I wasn't paying attention even though I was in the front seat because I was reading (Breaking Dawn there and back in the car- as long as I'm in the front seat I won't get car sick while reading). It took so long on the way back that we were all hungry again so we stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner. I always order breakfast when I'm there, it's so good!!

Anyways, it was a really fun trip with the kids and Luke only took a short nap in the car, which turned out well since he went to bed right when we got home instead of wanting to stay up. I should have my hundredth post up soon!! I'm excited that I've actually done that many! It'll probably be after this weekend though since we are trying to go to Ocean City this weekend. Here's hoping!!


samwiseandy-t said...

I miss going to theme parks so much, haha. I'm so glad the kids had fun! I see also that you read The Princess Bride. How did you like that? I read it in 9th grade and I loved it.

Jessica said...

Sounds like fun. In all the years I lived back there I never once went to Hershey Park. GO figure. When I see some of those pictures of Luke, he looks soooo much like you when you were younger.

How do you tell how many posts you have. I'm sure that I'm not even close to 100, but just wondering!!

Now we need to see picts of ocean City

Nikki said...

I've been thinking of taking our family up there. I think they would love it...Chocolate and Roller Coasters...what Tross wouldn't love it!