Thursday, August 21, 2008

100 Things about ME

This is my 100th post!!! (took me long enough) YAY for me!! Anyways, I've kinda been looking forward to doing this (and kinda not) but I wish that I had started compiling this awhile ago so I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed with it, but I'm a procrastinator so, oh well. I hope you enjoy this, it took me about a week to do.

1. I love my name!!
2. I don't have a middle name and I like it that way (I mean really.. what goes with Daisy besides something non original and country sounding like Daisy May- thank you mom and dad)
3. I was born on Leap Day (February 29th).
4. I have had only 7 real birthdays.
5. There are 5 girls and 3 boys (including me) in my family. (Lindsey, Jessica, me, Mary, Andrew, Ezra, Kathryn and Devon)
6. I love love love having a big family but only wish that we all lived closer.
7. I have a big extended family as well with lots of awesome cousins on both sides.
8. I miss running Cross Country in high school.
9. I always said I would never miss high school and I don't but for the running and competition at the meets.
10. I helped my team to win States in Cross Country my sophomore year of high school!!
11. We actually won the Triple Crown that year (States in XC, Indoor and Outdoor track) although I didn't place well enough in Indoor or Outdoor to make a difference but at least I did in XC.
12. I need at least 3 miles to be really competitive in running and be able to pace myself better- I am not a short distance runner.
13. Yes, I think the 1 and 2 mile event is short distance (it's like a 2 mile sprint and I can't do that- can you? especially not indoors- not enough air and too dry)
14. I started running in the 4th grade and placed 4th in my first race ever.
15. I got 6th place the next year.
16. My Elementary school gym teacher was very encouraging and I'm still grateful for him.
17. I made it on the XC States team my freshman year of high school.
18. I loved the States meet, it was sooooo hard with TONS of hills but it made me feel so tough and strong and awesome.
19. I am SUPER competitive but I hide it (hopefully pretty well). I don't like people to know how much losing makes me angry.
20. I took a weight training class once a semester in high school and loved it.
21. One reason was to help me stay in shape and gain more muscle for XC and track.
22. Another was because not many girls used to take those classes which made it more fun for me.
23. Out of the few girls that did take those classes, I was almost always the strongest despite my size (like 98% of the time and I'm not exaggerating) and that included all 4 classes (we were on a block schedule at my school- 4 classes a day per semester).
24. Once a girl I didn't like beat me during testing on the rowing machine by like 1 or 2 seconds and I was so pissed, I couldn't wait until retesting.
25. I never got beat again on the rowing machine.
26. I used to be deceptively strong and hope one day to be that way again. I miss my old body.
27. I love playing most sports.
28. I'm not super good at any one in particular but I am decent enough in most of them that people like me on their team.
29. I worked for one summer at my friends golf course for my first job when I was 17.
30. My next job was at a car dealership during my senior year.
31. I went to Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) for 3 semesters.
32. I had the best roommates, Kiirsten and Tara!!
33. We did have a little bit too much fun though... *cough* a visit to the Dean's office *cough*
34. I met my husband Mike when I came home for summer break to Maryland.
35. I went back to Ricks for one more semester after that then came home and got a job.
36. I started working at a law firm in Rockville, Maryland.
37. I really liked working and being a legal secretary. Though it was a family law firm (divorce, child custody, etc.) and sometimes it wasn't fun dealing with the lawyers, I loved the office staff.
38. I have 2 kids- Cameryn and Luke (duh- this blog is for them).
39. I nursed both of my children. Cameryn for 17 months then she weaned herself and Luke for 19 months.
40. I love cats but unfortunately have to have a dog in the house too cuz that's what my husband likes.
41. The cat we have now is a pretty decent cat too and not at all a psycho (at least not yet)(I think our house is cursed against cats or something but I can't get into my cat problems now).
42. When I was still at home during high school , I drove my dad's old Ford truck or the family big blue van.
43. In 1999, my parents bought a car from the dealership that I worked at, a '91 Dodge Omni which I LOVED!!!! They let me use it as my car though they made it clear that it wasn't MY car.
44. Since meeting Mike and being married to him we have had about 8-10 cars. Not because they broke or anything, just Mike's ever changing want for a different car.
45. My Omni was my favorite car until Mike and I bought our Nissan Sentra (six speed manual, blue, and AWESOME)
46. I took my drivers test on a manual and passed the first try.
47. I prefer driving a stick but I'm stuck with a van for now- boooooooo.
48. I have lots of fond memories of vacationing with my family.
49. I hope that I can give my kids those same kinds of memories. Even in some of the same places.
50. One of my goals as a parent is to have my kids be as close to each other as I feel me and my siblings are now.
51. I hope to have 1 or 2 more children.
52. I had no problem getting back down to my pre-baby weight.
53. In fact, after Cameryn I went down to less then I was before (thank you breast feeding!!)
54. We didn't mean to get pregnant with Luke, but he has become the most wonderful accident ever.
55. I loved to swim when I was pregnant and recommend it to anyone else who is- it is the BEST!!
56. I gain a TON of weight when I am pregnant, about 50-60 pounds even though I walked a lot and ate healthy (but I still had a few guys hollaring at me when seeing me from behind, so somehow I must have still looked good- go me)!!
57. I am naturally thin and I used to be in shape, but with two kids, I don't seem to be able to find the time anymore. I hope one day to be toned and in shaped instead of just thin.
58. Once I start working out, I am happier and I love to do it. I just have to get started.
59. My favorite thing to do in the world (besides spend time with Mike and my kids) is to read. Ask anyone. (Last summer when the last Harry Potter came out, I was on vacation in Utah for 3 weeks with my family. I was going to wait until I got home to buy it and read it but I only lasted a day. I bought it at Target the day after it came out and read every possible second while trying not to be rude and cut into my time with my sisters. I guess I wasn't as successful as I thought I was cuz I think they got a little offended- sorry about that L and J)
60. I can zone out almost anything in order to read and hate to be interrupted (my often frustrated husband can definitely testify to that).
61. I get REALLY into some books. I cry and laugh and can get really into the emotions of the book sometimes. I have even gotten depressed FOR a character while reading a book recently.
62. I can be the same way with movies and TV shows too. I cry easily.
63. If I find a book or movie that I really like, I can read it/watch it over and over. But I never buy it before I've read it or seen it. (I can add TV shows in there I guess since you can buy seasons on DVD now).
64. I like to play video games too though I don't consider myself a "gamer".
65. I hate to cook but I love to bake.
66. I like to color still. I especially like to color with/for Cameryn with crayons and markers.
67. I would love to start buying art supplies for myself and painting in any spare time.
68. I want my kids to know that education is important and that they should develop and continue developing as many talents as they can, not just get by at the bare minimum.
69. I would love to have a big backyard with a nice garden, a couple of small playground things for my kids, lots of trees and a trampoline.
70. I was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
71. My family moved to Utah for four years while my dad went to BYU.
72. After he graduated, we moved to Indiana for two years where I met my best friend, Heidi. Our families are still really great friends to this day.
73. We then moved to Maryland when I was six where we have lived ever since.
74. I love my straight brown hair and brown eyes (with a tiny bit of green in them). I have always had a thing for those same traits in others (obviously my husband has those same features).
75. I'm happy that my little boy is a brown haired, brown eyed cutie!! And of course I still love Cameryn with her adorable blond hair and brown eyes (just like mine with a little bit of green) but I'm still hoping her hair will darken up a tad.
76. On my dad's side of the family, there are only two of us out of 20 cousins that have brown hair AND brown eyes (me and my cousin Jeff).
77. I love living on the east coast and am sad that so many members of my immediate and extended family have moved to the west and a lot of my friends are there too.
78. I have always enjoyed history and like being so close to so many historical and awesome places to visit.
79. Though I wouldn't mind living out west either (I love the no humidity thing and the mountains are awesome), I still like the east best with it's beautiful green trees everywhere, rather than brown brown brown with some pine trees thrown in here and there.
80. I rarely ever wear makeup. I used to wear it everyday but with kids now, I find it annoying and pointless. Plus I think I look fine without it.
81. I don't really fix my hair either (of course I brush it though). I can do ponytails for a short period (headaches) and a few other simple fixes but I just don't see the need. Plus I can't do it.
82. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
83. I grew up going to primary and then when I was older going to youth activities.
84. I especially loved Youth Conferences.
85. My favorite one was when our Stake did handcart companies like the pioneers. We were all in families (4 guys, 4 girls, a mom and a dad) in our wards and we each had to put our belongings into our own handcart and pull/push them on trails for 3 days.
86. It was exhausting but so much fun and we all got really close in our "families" (there were a few exceptions like in one of my sister's family) and as a ward. When we were finally done and the whole stake was gathered, our ward had the most fun together playing games (hehe- my sisters remember how much fun).
87. I was also able to go up to Palmyra, New York twice for Youth Conference, but they weren't as fun as the hand cart one.
88. I love Root Beer and a close second is refreshing cold water.
89. I used to take horseback riding lessons in middle school and I would love to have my own horse that I could ride whenever I wanted to; sigh maybe one day when I'm rich (hahahaha).
90. I love jeans and t-shirts and could own hundreds of each if I had the money. I am most comfortable and feel most sexy in an awesome pair of jeans and a cute t-shirt.
91. I would like to start wearing earrings again and maybe occasionally other pieces of jewelry when the situation calls for it. But mainly the earrings.
92. I love my husband and I need to say it more. I appreciate him so much and he does so many wonderful things for me.
93. I enjoy doing crafty, fun and creative things (except scrapbooking- can't seem to get into that one, I do photo albums) though I don't really own anything but crayons and markers and a sewing machine so I should probably work on getting some more of that kind of stuff.
94. I hate getting into cold swimming pools no matter how hot it is outside. The water needs to be a tad warm or at least like when you first turn on the tap water and it's not too cold or too hot.
95. I love to get pedicures and I only put nail polish on my toenails.
96. I hate my hands and fingernails and don't want to draw attention to them so I don't paint them. I have very weak nails and they grow out weird so I have to keep them short.
97. I love playing any kind of game especially with family. I'm a lot like my mom that way.
98. I daydream a lot and can get a little carried away.
99. I want to travel more but will have to wait till the kids are older.
100. I have put off posting tons of cute funny stories to finish this because I wanted it to be my actual 100th post.

Okay, so I finished!! YAY!! Comment away! (please, I need more comments)


Jessica said...

Very insightful...I knew most of that, but there were things that suprised me. You are more competitive then i give you credit for. I think that it's funny, and weird that you think that running if fun...ugg. But you go girlfriend! Yes, I remember the "things" that we did in our spare time at that handcard youth confrence...that's what made it so fun! I'm glad that you adore Mike...he really is a great guy! Nice post! I wish you were closer too!! Maybe one day...Love ya sis!

Kiirsty said...

So sweet! Loooved this post! You are an amazing woman and mommy, Daisy! I couldn't quit smiling while I was reading down the list. Didn't you Love Breaking Dawn! I don't know how else it could've all come together harmoniously... sigh. Now for the movies... Keep in touch!

Kiirsty said...
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Nikki said...

What a good post! I can't imagine taking the time to do that...but I LOVED reading it! PS I didn't know that you and Jeff were the only ones with BOTH brown eyes AND brown hair...Good combination! Not that Im partial or anything! :-)