Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Update on me

I am really starting to feel a lot better. Thank you for all of you that have sent me emails and comments hoping that I would feel better soon.

I had my ultrasound done last Monday and there were no nodules on it, which was good. But I got a letter from my doctors a few days later saying that I have an enlarged thyroid, which I'm not sure if it is a side effect from hyperthyroidism or just another symptom.

I still wasn't feeling that great even though I was taking the medicine last week. I kept getting horrible headaches, insomnia, and I was still nauseous, shaky, weak and most of my other symptoms. On Thursday, I went to the chiropractor to try and help lessen this horrible throbbing headache I was having in the right side of my head (it was so bad I felt like my brain was contracting or something). That helped a little bit but since these headaches are caused by my thyroid and not my usual neck issues, it didn't completely go away. But it did lessen a little every day and would go away completely for a few hours if I took medicine. By Saturday, it was finally completely gone and I haven't had a headache since!! I still get shaky and still have muscle weakness but most of my other symptoms seem to be so much less that I barely notice them. I love feeling better!! You never appreciate good health as much as after you've been sick for a long time. I'll have been on the medicine for two weeks on Friday and I'm so grateful that I'm already feeling better.

The only bad thing is now I have very little excuses for not cleaning my very dirty house. Oh well, I'd rather be feeling better then I was before this medicine any day!!


Missy said...

Hi Daisy,

It stinks to be sick but I'm so glad you're getting some help. Sounds like you've really been though a lot with your thyroid...darned thing.

In case you're wondering, I'm Jessica's old neighbor friend (I moved) and I check in on the blogs she links to every now and then.

You have a way cute dog and an amazing green's beautiful and coveted by this anti-desert girl (from Cameryn's pics).

Anyway, glad you're feeling so much better. Now maybe you can have a friend come over and help you clean up after feeling lousy. It's always more fun with company.

Best to you, Missy (almost a perfect stranger but I think we've met once, I know I've heard a lot about you)

Kiirsty said...

Holy Cow! I had no idea you were going through so much! I have been meaning to check your blog for a while, and whenever I sit down at the computer I just hurry up on my stuff and log off... I'm so glad you're starting to feel better! You are such a supermom! Daily life is a million times harder when you're sick. Wish I were closer to help out!! Love ya!