Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Luke ate veggies!!!!!

I was so excited last night cuz Luke finally ate some veggies with dinner without us having to hide them!! Luke never eats anything green which of course means almost every veggie out there. He'll eat corn and I think that's it. We can hide stuff in spaghetti and other pasta things but other then that he won't even try them. Last night we had zucchini that mike cooked on the grill with salt and pepper and probably some other stuff. Well Luke was only eating his potato and he would put the steak in his mouth and chew for awhile and then spit it out (and try to give it to me for my plate).

He started pointing to the zucchini and then his plate, so I decided, sure, what the heck. I put one small piece on his plate since Mike, Cameryn and me all like zucchini and I didn't want to waste it. He ate it (obviously from my title) and then demanded more. Mike and I exchange shocked looks and I give him two more pieces. He eats those before I can eat another bite of my own food and still wants more. More surprised looks and I give him more and then more again and more again until it is all gone and he has eaten half of it. I was so surprised and happy!! Though I'm sure it won't happen again, but you never know.

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