Monday, May 05, 2008

Twilight Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I found this today and I just had to post the first official trailer for the Twilight movie!!! I am so excited. Of course I have to wait until December but it looks good from some of the other stuff that I have seen. I hope that they follow the book at least pretty closely. Eeeeeeee!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Enjoy the preview!!


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

OH MY GOSH! I am so glad you posted this! It looks like they've done a pretty good job with the story. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so exited!!!!!!!!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

This is like the 5th time I've come back here to watch the trailer. I love it! Edward turned out better than I thought!

Kiirsty said...

You and I have such similar tastes! I devoured the whole series, and I can't wait for the movie in December!! This is the first I've seen of the trailer. Thanks!!