Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pretty pretty princess

Mike and I went to the Disney store a few weeks ago and hit on a really big sale they were having. We stocked up on birthday and Christmas presents for Cameryn and Luke. While there Mike found these princess nightgowns that Cameryn would of course just absolutely love so we bought her one.

We came home and decided that we couldn't wait till September (her birthday) to give it to her because we wanted to see her reaction now. Not even two minutes after putting it on she was dancing and singing and twirling. She loves her "twirly Cinderella nightgown" as she calls it. She twirls around and then sits down real fast so that the dress is spread out all around her (I taught her that cause it's what I used to do with anything that twirled.. hehe). She also loves to dance with me or Mike especially when she is wearing that nightgown. We twirl and dip her and of course we have to sing a princess song while doing it all. She is such a fun little girly girl. It is so easy to buy her things that we really have to be careful to control ourselves. She now has three princess nightgowns but that is her favorite.


Jessica said...

I want to see a video of her twirling her her pretty nightgown.

Terry said...

Thats so cute!