Monday, June 18, 2007

Fun at the pool

Luke and Cameryn have played in our little baby pool in the backyard many times already this year but I took them, along with Kathryn and Devon, to the city pool this past Saturday. Luke is definitely a water baby, must have been all that swimming I did while I was pregnant with him. He loved the pool and had so much fun. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted because it was too hard to do that and to be able to watch Cameryn going here and there. It's hard to watch two little kids at the pool.

After playing with the water spouts for about 20 minutes he finally decided that he could crawl around and would crawl a little ways into the water and then sit. He would then crawl back to the spouts and repeat.

I love that pool. It is great for taking little kids for so many reasons. It's small so it's easier to keep track of them, there are so many toys in the water for them to play with (you see the big floating turtle in the video), and it has a beach front entrance into the water which Cameryn and Luke both loved.

Cameryn loves going to the pool but she's not one for actually getting into the water too often. She mainly likes to walk around, maybe get in up to her knees but then she gets out almost immediately. I have to bring lots of toys to keep her occupied. She does still love to play with the water spouts just as much as Luke does so that's nice since it keeps her close to me instead of wandering around (which makes me very nervous sometimes). I'm not too paranoid of a mother (at least I like to think so) but I still worry about her suddenly thinking that she'd like to get in the water in the 4 foot area or something like that. Yes, I know there are lifeguards, but still. She usually does stick around me though so that's nice.

When you take Luke out, however, he just tries to crawl right back over to it. I was trying to get all of our stuff together to leave and he kept trying to crawl over to the edge of the 4 foot area because he wanted to get back in. I'll have to watch my little man like a hawk around water.


Jessica said...

It's so nice to go to the pool with kids. Your kids are so cute. I loved that little video thing!!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Kathryn is so beautiful! I haven't seen a photo of her for a long time! I am sure it was great to have the help!

Can't wait to see you! Maybe we can go play in the water at our hotel.