Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Late holiday post

I haven't been in much of a mood to blog. Lots of cute or funny things have happened that I've thought I should blog about but I just don't feel like it. I'm going to just post a little bit about the holidays though.

I usually like to record a little video of when they come down and see the tree but as soon as Mike brought both the kids down, Luke burst into tears because he wanted "Thomas the Tank Engine" and he didn't see it immediately. It was actually kinda cute/funny at first because my parents had gotten him a train table (from one of Devon's friends) and Mike and I had bought him a little Thomas train and put it in his stocking. But he would not calm down and open up the stupid present so I wripped it open quickly and gave him the Thomas. He finally calmed down enough to open up the rest of his presents which he really enjoyed doing. I think he had more fun opening them then actually playing with them, except the Thomas of course.Cameryn loved everything of course. She got another Princess doll (Jasmine) and was so excited for that (now all I need to do is find the Cinderella one). They both got some Star Wars toy sets that they loved!! And our family present was a Wii!!! I was so excited for that one. I'd love to get the Wii Fit and the Guitar Hero World Tour. Some of my friends have those ones and they are so much fun. Mike and I played the Guitar Hero one at our friends house up the street on New Years Eve and had a blast. I especially love the drums!!

Mike's parents came over and we opened presents with them (Cameryn got a new bike- too big for her right now but we were all excited) and then had our traditional waffles with fruit for breakfast (which I made from scratch). After they left, I tried to clean up a little bit and then my family came over. My brother Andrew was home for a few days and I was so excited to see him. I've missed him so much and wished that he could have stayed longer. The kids were so excited to see him too. They talk about him and Ezra (on his mission) all the time. In fact (quick little side story here), Cameryn and Luke like to pretend they are reading my scriptures all the time and in the Bible there are old maps and stuff that Cameryn will show to Luke and point to random places and say "this is where we live" or "this is where Ezra is on his mission" and other cute things like that. It is so funny!!Anyways, we opened presents with my family and we brought Luke downstairs for his train table present. Mike had set it up with all the trains and put a cool little track together with bridges and all sorts of stuff. Luke was so excited and played with that until I forced him to come upstairs to eat and take a nap which he totally needed. He was so happy and excited but kept periodically bursting into tears over nothing... he was completely overwhelmed in my opinion.We had a slow afternoon and I made a yummy piecrust from scratch. We were having dinner with our friends up the street who have a son Luke's age. It was a lot of fun to not go anywhere on Christmas and I really hope we keep up that tradition.

New Years Eve was spent with those same friends and we played some board games and some Wii games and ate lots of junk food. My dad offered to come out and sit at our house and watch over the kids so we could go out which I was so grateful for. Overall we had a really nice holiday.

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