Friday, January 30, 2009

It's amazing what 2 inches of snow can do

Tuesday this week, we actually got some snow. We don't get much snow here so with even just 2 inches of snow of course schools were cancelled that day. I had a doctors appointment for my thyroid so I dropped the kids off at my moms and went to my doctors. It was a pretty quick and basic appointment. I go into the office with the doctor and she asks me how I'm feeling, and some other basic questions. Then we go into an examination room where she feels my thyroid and takes my blood pressure and then leaves. Someone else comes in and take some blood to check all my levels again. I had this same lady take my blood before and she is awful. I'm pretty good with needles, they don't really bother me cuz I've got good veins. But this lady hurts me every time. She doesn't hold the needle still when she changes the vials (3 times) and then hurts me again when she pulls it out. I don't know what the heck she does but it hurts and I get a big bruise on my arm (my arm is hurting just typing this and thinking about it). They told me it was because I didn't put enough pressure on it but that's a bunch of crap. At least this time I didn't almost pass out after she was done.

Anyways, I drove home and hung out at my mom's house talking for a bit while my kids played. My mom told me that at 2:00 she was taking the kids to the church to play and some of our friends were going to be there too and play some basketball. I definitely didn't have the right shoes for playing basketball (my Doc Marten boots since there was snow) but I went anyways. I ended up just playing barefoot (socks were too slippery) which isn't the greatest idea, not because I got stepped on or anything but my feet hurt sooooooooo bad later!! It was really fun though. I haven't had the chance to play basketball in so long (or do anything physical for that matter) and I loved it, even with sore feet and no shoes. The kids ran around and played in the nursery or just in the gym. Luke saw me dribbling the ball and started trying to dribble the soccer ball he was playing with. He would hold the ball and then smack it with him one hand. Not really dribbling but he's only two so I of course thought it was wonderful. Later he just started kicking it around the gym and did a pretty good job at that too. I barely saw Cameryn the whole time. She was playing with Devon's friends sister and loved all the attention.
Luke with his little shovel "helping" me.
We left the church at about 4:00 and went home where I had to shovel. I dressed the kids in some extra clothes and found all our hats, gloves etc. I even dug through their frozen sand box to dig out their sand shovels so they could "help" me. Cameryn went in earlier than Luke did but she was probably colder than he was cuz mostly what she does when it snows is eat it. Of course it started snowing again before I was even finished but I knew if I left it all for the next day it would be ALL ice and even harder to shovel. Luke and I were out there for probably over two hours. He was such a cute little helper. Here's a video of him with his little shovel though it was taken at night so it's kinda hard to see. Also, sorry for all my sniffling in the video... it was cold.

I knew he was going to be tired so I made sure he was in his bed by 7:30 that night (it was actually 7:25 when I left his room so he was probably already asleep five minutes later- GO ME!!). Cameryn was probably asleep around 8:00 and they both still didn't wake up until 9:00 the next morning. I LOVE when it snows!!
The next day as I predicted everything was iced over. We stayed inside most of the day and waited for the temperature to go up so I could go shovel again without breaking our shovel or my back. It was so much fun again. Not that I really like to shovel but it was fun being out there with the kids again. I've probably spent more time outside with the kids in the past three days then I have all winter long. They were both so cute with their little shovels trying to help me but really just putting more snow and ice ON the sidewalks then taking it off. We stayed out for another 2-3 hours on Wednesday night. I ended up with a horrible neck ache though to go along with my horribly aching body but I still had a fun day with my kids.Thursday, I could not keep Luke OUT of his snow boots. He loves putting them on and wearing them everywhere 1) because he can put them on all by himself and 2) they have Spiderman on them (who he keeps calling Batman). So we went outside again after lunch. The snow was icy on top and slushy underneath but still fun. They wanted to shovel more so I let them play with the shovels again and they shoveled the snow off the grass... how thoughtful!! I dug through our shed and found a sled and we went down the tiny hill next to our house a few times. Cameryn loved it!! Luke only went down twice and I practically had to force him.
Here's another cute little video of them with their shovels and just being their cute selves. Cameryn kept talking about "snow gas" or something but I couldn't get her to tell me what that meant. I also got some video of them sledding and then Cameryn took one of me and Luke too.

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