Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Family times

These are just some cute pictures with some of my family. The day after Christmas my parents had a little get together at their house and my mom's parents came up for the day. Some of my cousins did too but I forgot to take pictures before they had to leave. It was a pretty fun day though.

I have missed Andrew so much since he moved to Portland so it was wonderful to see him the few days that he was here. I also loved visiting with my grandparents (we call them Mammy and Pappy). The conversation is never boring when they are around. I talked with Pappy a lot about books cuz he is a big reader too (more so than me actually- he practically has his own library). Then we all talked about politics which probably bored Mike to death. But it was fun anyways.

After Mammy and Pappy left, the adults all went downstairs and kicked the little kids off the Wii (which I brought from home) so we could have a turn. Me, Andrew, my dad and my mom all did bowling first. Mike wasn't feeling well so he watched for a bit before going home to rest (poor guy had had to go to work that day too). Then we played some tennis, tried out the baseball but it was too boring and my dad and I took turns boxing. It was so much fun!!

After we got tired of playing, I let the kids get back on. Devon played a few games with Kathryn then started playing this boxing training game. Luke thought it looked fun so he went over and tried it out too. Then we gave the kids the controllers (they each held half) and let them play for real. It was so cute!! So of course I video taped some of it. Enjoy!!


May said...

We have to play that next time we come up.. Looks like a fun game! I love how Cameryn punches, haha! Cute!

Heidi said...

I so want a WII! I miss you too. Gina told me you've been trying to call me but I haven't gotten any messages. I'm sorry. My number is 208-830-9160. I'm a very busy girl!