Saturday, March 28, 2009

I haven't been in the mood

I haven't been blogging in almost 2 months and I'm not even sure why. I have tons of funny stories and cute pictures to post but I just haven't felt like it. I haven't really even been checking my friend's blogs either. Sorry everyone. I like to try to comment on most of your posts just so you know I've been reading them. It always makes me happy when I get any comments, even a simple one like "nice post" or something like that so I try to do that same thing for all my friends and family who have blogs. I've just been very blah lately when it comes to blogging. So please inspire me to continue by letting me know that you're reading whatever drivel I post up.

So anyways, I have a lot of catching up to do but I'll try to make it short.

Here is Cameryn trying out her new bike which she got for Christmas for the first time. We had about 2 weeks of super nice weather at the beginning of February (yes I'm starting way back then) so Mike decided to let Cameryn try out her bike. She did really well but she kept looking down at her legs or just at the bike and not steering. We've been trying to work on that but the nice days are here for good yet. But she really loves to ride her bike. I always feel proud of her when I see her skinny little legs pumping so hard on those peddles!

Luke was really excited about Cameryn's bike so I went and got his big wheel so he could ride outside too. Unfortunately after this picture my battery died on my camera so I had to recharge it and didn't get any pictures of the both of them. It was a really nice afternoon with my family.


Nikki said...

That is what we are going to do for birthday's this year...BIKES. Speaking of birthdays, I need to get the evites (yeah I said evites...I am lazy this year) out for Katelyns. This is her "big party" this year since tshe is turning 5. She is so excited! Hope you'll come.

Kiirsty said...

Daiz! I love reading your blog and seeing what you guys are up to, so post, post, post! =) I'm pretty bad at posting consistently though, so who am I to talk?? Heheee. It's fun to see your kiddies grow and how you are. Miss ya tons!

Tara said...

YEEEAAAHHHHHH! Yer back!! I definitely missed you! I am more of a blogger now than a "facebook-er"....and I am trying to balance the REAL-life stuff with the blogging world. I think I went overboard at first and was ALWAYS wanting to post as well as find new craft blogs. I am now just enjoying life and limiting my time on the computer so I can spend MORE time with my honey! Love you!Keep it up!

Android said...

About a week ago I realized I hadn't checked your blog in forever, and I saw that you still hadn't updated. Hahaha. I'm glad you did though!