Thursday, January 10, 2008

You just have to watch it

After Christmas, we were in Target because Cameryn had a gift card. She had so much fun picking stuff out to get with her gift card, it's given me good ideas for gifts for other kids. Anyways, while in Target I saw this TV show that I LOVED (loved loved loved in fact) on DVD, they had the first two seasons. Since there hasn't been really any good/new programming on because of the stupid writers strike, I have been watching lots of stuff on DVD. I was just curious how much it was and so I checked it out on one of those scanner things they have in Target. Well, they was only $19.00 so I just had to get them.

I don't know if any of you watched Arrested Development when it was on TV but it is one of THE best comedy shows I've ever watched. It is so completely different than any other comedy and just plain hilarious. I have really been enjoying watching it again. I wish that it could have been on air longer but it was just one of those really great, perfect, wonderful shows that never really got the audience that they deserved (like Firefly). I think that is the only thing wrong with the show, that it was cut short. Plus it was on Fox which I'll just say probably doesn't have that intelligent of an audience in the first place.

It's about this completely dysfunctional family and what happens when the father goes to jail supposedly for business related stuff. It is the most comically genius show ever. I crack up just thinking about some of the scenes. The cast is just perfect together. It has Jason Bateman who plays pretty much the only normal person in the family and Michael Cera plays his son (from Superbad, Juno) who develops a crush on his cousin, Maeby, who is a compulsive liar and always trying to "get back" at her parents by doing stupid things. The guy who plays her father is a "never-nude" (he always has a pair of jean cutoffs on) and her mother tries to be this liberal do gooder who never does any good. The older brother, Gob (like job but with a g) is played by the hilarious Will Arnett, who tries to be a magician and is the worst you have ever seen. He makes me laugh so hard that I could pee myself. The younger brother, Buster, still lives at home with his mother who is this controlling , overbearing manipulative woman.

I don't know if you even know who half these actors are but this show is priceless. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a good laugh. If you are a fan of subtle and INTELLIGENT humor, you really have to check it out. They only did three seasons total and the third was tragically only 13 episodes but well worth watching. This show also has some physical humor as well and it is constantly making fun of itself.

I know it's kinda out of nowhere for me to post about some show but since I've been watching these first two seasons, I've just been in better moods it seems. There are so many priceless lines in the show and I'll be cleaning or whatever and something will pop into my head and I just laugh to myself. If my kids were older they would probably think I'm going crazy, but at their young age, if they see me laughing, they just think I'm smiling at something they are doing.

I just read what I wrote and it sounds like a review for it or something (poorly written review but whatever, I wasn't an English major). It's just a show that has made me laugh and I think everyone should watch it. I think it helped pave the way for other genious comedy shows like The Office to come to American TV's (since it was a British show first). Even if you don't like The Office (Nikki) I really think that you all would love this show.

Yes, I think I am a little bit of a tv-aholic but hey, I need a little bit of a break and I read tons of books too, just ask anyone in my family. Just don't get me started on talking about LOST cause I could go on forever about that show. I just got my brother, Andrew, and my mom obsessed with it!! Last year, it was my sister, Mary and now we are all working on our dad.


Jessica said...

I haven't been watching tv much either. When Andrew came out he let me borrow the 2nd season of Buffy and Season 1 and 2 of Angel. I love druling over David Boreanez. He is so hot!!

The only way I will watch the show is if you mail out the season to me ha ha ha!!

Nikki said...

I can't stand the stupid writers strike! AHHH! It better not affect LOST! Jeff and I will have to rent that show and watch it...I know Jeff especially would agree with you about Firefly though. Both of us love that show...I was surprised I liked it, but it really is good.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

WE LOVED Arrested Development!!! We wish it would come back!