Friday, January 04, 2008

Cameryn's new do

I think I'm trying to make up for the lack of posting the past few weeks or months. I finally cut Cameryn's bangs though. Christmas morning after presents and breakfast, I put in one of the new movies the kids got and sat her up on a high chair and cut her bangs. They just kept getting in her eyes and she was rubbing them so much, they were getting red and puffy and I was worried she might be getting pink eye.

I left it like that till Friday night and then I decided that I needed to trim her hair too. It was just so thin and stringy. It was still her baby hair since I had only cut like a half inch off the bottom to even it out. Well, I think it turned out really well. I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. She was really good too standing on the toilet in the bathroom. It looks healthier now to me and I really like it. I am going to let it grow out again cause I like it long but I'm hoping that it will get a tad bit thicker now.

So here's the pics:

Here is Cameryn the Sunday before Christmas with long bangs and all.
If you look carefully in this picture you can see her puffy and red eyes. This is from Christmas Eve.
This is Christmas Day at my parents house (Luke had spilled candle wax all over the place including his shirt). You can see her pretty new bangs now.
I took these a few days after I cut her hair since it was already bed time when I decided to cut it in the first place.
So what do you think?


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

You know, she is cute not matter what! You did a great job on her hair though! I am very impressed!

Nikki said...

I love her hair short...of course, you know I love short hair on little kids...look at Katelyn's. I think she looks adorable!

Jessica said...

I looks so cute. It will probably be a lot eaiser to take care of too! That's always nice!

"Bunny-DAD" said...

Daisy --- Not sure if it's OK for a "Dad" to be posting here, but I just stumbled on your blog and Cameryn's "more adorable than humanly possible" photos ! (giggles) I am going to put your blog in my "read @ LEAST 2x a week" file ! She is not only "angelic" but you did a [FAB] job on her "new DO" ! I can't help but sit here and just chuckle and giggle over the same incident w/ my God daughter [Erin/Age 7] recently, but w/ the roles a bit switched. You CANNOT possibly understand the emotions of waking to the flash of a camera, sitting on the floor in a dreamy state of warmth and cuddles, wearing two of my wife's scarves around my neck, and her pink "Crocs" ... getting a "new DO" of braids w/ gingham ribbons and pink barettes ! The piccie, taken by a neighbor, would amply describe "other garb" (total and complete giggles) my little munchkin insisted was part of the game, but I will just suggest you think of the clues of Lanz of Salzburg, bunnies and snowflakes, and perhaps the realization of why I have always loved flannel ! She has gone back to Italy (she lives w/ my sister in Torino), but seeing "Princess Cameryn" twirling and giggling thru this oh SO precious part of life ... Well ... just "Thanks" for posting these -- you made a "very lonely DAD" smile again ! No tears tho -- I get to talk/LRT Video to her nearly every day, but it's the HUGGS, cuddles and little love-tears that we share that make it hard to be apart! Sorry to get off the "haircut" theme --- Hope I do 1/2 as well w/ hers when I try it ! --- "Bunny-DAD"/George !