Monday, December 10, 2007

Miss me?

I have missed blogging. It's almost been a month since my last post. I have just been so busy and had so many things going on that when I did have time, I just wanted to relax and read or play around on the Internet.

Luke is getting bigger, smarter and more of a little punk by the day. He is trying to talk more and repeating a lot of what we say. Mike called him a bean the other day and he laughed and nodded his head then said "bean". Of course he says it in that cute little boy voice too. Cameryn was a big talker and could speak really well by the time she was Luke's age already but that boy can convey his meaning just as well with his pointing little fingers, his head nodding or shaking and one word here or there. He is such a smart little guy.

He always brings a smile to my face even when he is making messes and getting into EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe from that boy. Today I found him in Cameryn's puzzle drawer and he was ripping the puzzle pieces up, the cardboard puzzle pieces. Oh well, she needs some new puzzles anyways, some harder ones.

I really would like to start weaning Luke from the breast feeding. I really only nurse him before bedtime and nap time and then sometimes once during the night if he wakes up but I just want to be done. The only thing is that I wouldn't know how to get him to take a nap otherwise. Bedtime I could deal with the crying and him fighting to not fall asleep without nursing but he has never been a good nap taker and I really do need that 1-2 hours of peace and only having to deal with Cameryn. I don't know how to do it though. Luke does not cry himself to sleep. I have tried that and it won't work with him. A few times maybe but that is only after I have tried everything else and he and I are both worn out.

It's only been recently though that I felt like this. I was fine nursing him until whenever but now it seems that he's forgotten how to nurse and as soon as he starts to drift off to sleep (mainly at nap time) he starts practically gnawing on me and I want to cry it hurts so badly. I've been trying to put him to bed at nighttime before he is fully asleep from nursing so he will get used to doing it by himself and I'll stay in the room while he cries from his crib and I'll rub his little back while he lays there. It worked a few nights in a row then one night it didn't and then we've been so busy the past few nights that he is fully asleep within like 5 minutes so I haven't got back to that routine. I guess I'll just stick with that for a while though and see how it goes then try it with nap times too. Here's hoping!!

Cameryn is sick today, my poor sweet girl. She got a fever sometime in the middle of the night and says that her throat hurts. She is so cute and helpless when she is sick. She never takes naps (except maybe occasionally in the car on long trips) but she has been falling asleep everywhere today. Though the poor girl keeps jolting herself awake again and saying that she almost fell off the bed/couch/whatever. She is so sweet. She sleeping on my bed right now as I type this with her bay and some books.

She mostly plays really well with Luke and I love watching them run around chasing each other and giggling. Though the other day they were playing and Luke got a little too excited and bit her right on her cheek. See picture below.

Luke also gets really jealous when she wants to sit on my lap or anything like that. He has this sneaky (well, he thinks it's sneaky) way of sitting next to her on a chair and then slowly scooting over to her and gently pushing her off. Or if she is on my lap he will start crying over nothing and come over to me and try to sqeeze between her and me and cuddle. She gets annoyed and upset but she can defiantly hold her own and it's probably good for both of them that he will fight back in his own sneaky (and bitey) way. Overall, life is going okay right now.

I am so excited because tomorrow I'm getting LOST Season 3 from Netflix (love it!!) and then I'll let my family borrow each disc after I'm done with them. Ezra got into LOST at college and I had bought seasons one and two last year and I made Andrew and my mom watch them and they really love it. We are all excited to watch it for the first time or (for me and Ezra) the second time. Ezra watched all season three except the first 6 episodes at school last year. So anyways, that's my exciting life that I'm looking forward to. I can't wait for it to come back on TV in February.

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