Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter Blues... for kids?

I'm not sure what is wrong with both of my kids, but they have both been acting weird this past few weeks. They cry about the silliest things and then go on crying for what feels like hours sometimes (though it is in reality maybe 20 minutes... but hey that's still a long time). Luke will be happy as a clam then will trip over something and fall down while not really hurt himself at all. Usually he will just get up and continue on his way but no, now I am treated to a total freak out and crying session and he will get up, stumble to me and cry and throw himself around for a while until I can get him interested in something else.

Luke has always been a mama's boy but he has never been this clingy and crying and fussing over little things. Cameryn too will cry about the silliest things. I love being able to comfort my babies but I don't want them to run crying to me over every single little teeny tiny thing. Lately though, if I don't come running, they will just continue freaking out. I really think they have the winter blues or something.

Now Cameryn has been sick since late Sunday night so I know why she has been so sensitive but that has only been this week that she's been sick. I took her to the doctors yesterday. She was complaining that her ear hurt and she has had a fever, so I took her to get checked out. Her ears were fine but it turns out she has strep throat so they gave me a prescription for her. This week has been hard though with her sick. She's so skinny already that when she gets sick, she just has no energy and is so weak and cries a lot. Add that into the already bad attitudes in the house and I have both of them crying at the same time. When one starts the other one is sure to follow even if they were playing happily 2 seconds before.

Luke is especially like this. Yesterday, Cameryn fell asleep on my bed while she was cuddling with me around 7:30. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up her medicine so I left her there on by bed while Mike was playing with Luke downstairs. Well she ended up having an accident on my bed and she got really upset about it naturally. She took off her clothes and went downstairs and was crying to Mike who was in the middle of something and had to wash his hands before he could help her. I came in about that time and Cameryn was crying and then suddenly Luke was crying and they both wanted me to hold them. I helped Cameryn get dressed and calm down a bit and made her hot chocolate while the whole time Luke is crying and crying and stumbling around the house falling into things and making himself cry more. It was an interesting scene.

I'm not sure what they are both thinking but it sure is annoying and I wish that it would end soon.


Busy Bee said...

Sierra has a case of the blues too. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they can't get their energy out by playing outside. I know she feels stuck inside and that makes me sad, but it's freezing outside and she's sick too. We both have strep throat. I'm sorry you're struggling. I wish we could struggle together. Love you!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What a time you've had! I am so sorry and I hope it's improved some since you posted this. Sorry I am late commenting.

I love you! Hang in there!

Hopefully Christmas cheers them!

Jessica said...

I miss reading about you and your totally cute kids. They are probably crabby because they can't go outside and play! Have a great Christmas!!

Love ya,