Friday, November 16, 2007

Embarassing things

Okay, so I'm trying to get my kids in the car to go run some errands on Wednesday. Luke always wants to go on a walk when I put his shoes on and we go outside, so I figured I'd let him walk around some while Cameryn buckled herself into her car seat. She gets mad if I even touch one of the straps on her seat because she wants to do it all by herself. If I lift her into the car and into her seat, she will climb back out and then climb back in again all by herself. It can be quite annoying when I'm in a hurry, but she's a big girl and likes to do things herself.

Anyways, back to my story... So Luke is walking around the cars in the driveway and Cameryn is supposed to be buckling in. I tell her to hurry and buckle in and I hear her shouting something like "here comes the big belly... I see it... look at that big belly". I'm thinking, okay whatever just get buckled in so I can put Luke in the car and go. But I keep hearing her talk about a big belly and it's coming etc. I'm thinking she's sticking her own belly out and making it big. Then I hear someone at the mailbox (we have a community mailbox for 16 houses right in front of our house) and look to see this really really fat guy that lives a few houses up from us opening up his mailbox. I turn around quickly and go to the car to see what Cameryn is doing (I had been watching Luke the whole time) and she is turned around in her seat watching the guy at the mailbox. I quietly told her that she shouldn't say things like that because she could hurt his feelings and that it was rude, while trying not to laugh. Yes, I know, very immature to laugh at a fat guy, but I wasn't laughing at him really. No seriously, I was laughing because children can be funny/embarrassing and not even realize it. I was laughing at Cameryn because right as I got up to the car she's like "he has a big belly and I have a little belly. Well that really made me laugh (not out loud though). I laughed for about 5 minutes while driving and then again occasionally when I would think about it again later.

I knew he heard her say those things too, how could he not with her yelling them in the car. Oh well, I'm sure he didn't go home and cry or anything, it's not like he thinks he skinny. Okay that sounded rude, so sorry about that (but seriously.... come on).

Kids are so funny.


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I am laughing SO stinking hard right now! Daisy, coming from you, this is even more funny for some reason.

Okay, my partner here at work just got done reading it and she is in tears laughing over there.

But really, come on "it's not like he thinks he's skinny"... that line was icing on the cake, friend. Too funny!

Nikki said...

HILARIOUS! I was rolling reading this! Jeff made me read it to him and he was laughing to! That is so funny! "Here comes the belly!"

Jessica said...

I was picturing her say that with her cute little voice and her little vein that pops out of her neck when she talks. I laughed and laughed! she is so funny and cute. How did she come up with that!?