Monday, December 31, 2007


We had a pretty good Christmas this year. The Saturday before Christmas, we went to my Uncle Bill's house for a White Elephant gift exchange and a before Christmas dinner. It was pretty fun. We ended up with a chocolate melting pot to dip stuff in and some chocolate to melt in it. Yummy!!

Cameryn had fun playing with all the other kids there, especially Katelyn. I barely saw her the whole time we were there. Luke loved playing on the steps and in the upstairs hallway. He kept "scaring" Andrew.

Luke and Erica, isn't she cute. Luke having fun on the steps.

More fun on the steps. On the way home in the car holding hands.

Luke really likes to play with little kids that are his height or smaller. He walks up to them and stares for awhile, then he will hug them. After that he likes to follow them around and then hold onto the backs of their arms and lead them around. He was doing that to his little cousin Erica while we were at my uncle's house. It was so cute to see him hugging her. He didn't get to the part where he's holding onto her which was probably a good thing because after that step comes the tackling and laying on top of them. He was doing that to this new little boy in the nursery this past Sunday and it was so cute and funny. The little boy didn't like it too much but it was so adorable. The boy was on his stomach on the floor crying and Luke is holding onto his arms and laying on top of him on the floor with his head resting on the boy and smiling.

Christmas Eve, we went to my parents house and did our little Nativity play. Cameryn played Mary with a little penguin playing the baby Jesus. Devon was Joseph and Luke was kind of a Shepard with me but he didn't really cooperate. He kept getting on Mary's "donkey" which was really a rocking horse. Ezra, Andrew and Mike were the Wise men or as my dad calls them the wise guys. Kathryn was the Angel.

Christmas morning, we opened our presents and had waffles with fruit and whipped cream with Mike's parents. We went to Mike's family thing at his aunt's house and ate some lunch there and visited for a while. Luke actually took a really decent nap while we were there too. About 3:00 we left and spent the rest of the day at my parents house eating more and playing games. The kids of course got way too much stuff and I'm still trying to organize and put things away. They both got one of those toy shelves with the plastic bins and that has been helping me find places for everything.

These are only the presents that they got from us and that is already too much in my opinion.

Luke got really overwhelmed though with all the presents and noise and too many new toys to play with. He would start playing with one new toy he just unwrapped and then someone would be handing him something else to unwrap. He did become an expert at unwrapping presents though. I think that was his favorite part. Cameryn got lots of Princess stuff of course. Thankfully, she also got some clothes as well, they both did. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to but I kinda forgot in the middle of all the other stuff happening.

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Nikki said...

It sounds like your Christmas was so busy! Ahhh! Glad you had fun though. It was sure good to see you at the gift exchange. I always have fun at that! Glad you were there!