Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not busy, kinda

There isn't much going on in my life right now. It has been rainy and the temperature is a lot cooler then normal. It's been in the 60's and lower 70's for the past few days but I definitely don't mind it at all. It's much better then the horrible humidity that us on the east coast normally deal with in the summertime.

Cameryn has been in an especially lovey-dovey mood lately. She is always coming up to me and hugging me or kissing my hand or placing her hands on my cheeks and saying "I love you so much, Mama". I love it!! She can be such a little sweet heart sometimes. She also will grab my hand and hug it and kiss it if she can't reach my face. Of course she tries to do the same things to Luke but I'm pretty sure he doesn't appreciate it at all. He'll give her a goodnight kiss after we have said family prayer at night but he gets really upset when she is clobbering him with hugs and kisses and trying to hold his hand while bending his arm backwards. Though of course she doesn't know that she is hurting him and gets her feelings hurt when I tell her to stop. Poor sweet girl.

Luke is finally getting more bottom teeth. He has had four teeth on top and two on bottom for months now. Though he is starting to bite again I'm assuming because of the new teeth. He has to test them out and make sure they hurt just as much as the other ones do. And they definitely do. He thinks it's funny to lift up my shirt and bite my belly. A trick which he started doing on his daddy and since Mike didn't stop him from doing it and just laughed and said ow, he now does it to me too. I have to admit though it is funny when I see his little face and how happy he gets while doing it. He looks at you and just laughs and laughs.

I am working today at my friends golf course. I work up in their Pro Shop one day a week for 6-7 hours and I'm allowed to bring my kids so I couldn't pass it up. Though sometimes I wish I could leave them with someone while I work just to have a break. Occasionally my mom will watch Cameryn for me so that I only have to keep an eye on Luke. Plus Mike comes after work and picks them both up so that I have 2 hours (or more depending on when he leaves work) all to my self!! It is wonderful!! Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to leave Luke with someone too. Though it probably won't be until next summer. The golf course isn't open year round of course so I won't be working when the weather gets really cold and snowy.

Sorry this post is so boring. I felt like writing something though.


Jessica said...

That was NOT a boring post silly!! Anything that you write about your kids or you...or Mike for that matter is interesting to me!! Cameryn is a sweetheart. It's a good thing that they are that cute, because it makes up for the times that they are brats. Luke is silly...when does he get surgery?
Love you and miss you!!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

That is nice they let you bring the kids. But I understand about needing a break and just focusing on your work.

You are NOT boring!