Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Birthday Boy

Even though Luke's birthday was July 25th, we didn't get a chance to celebrate it until after I got home from Utah. This past Saturday we had some of our friends and family come over to help us celebrate Luke turning one.

I can't believe that he is already one. I don't remember Cameryn's first year going by as quickly as Luke's has. Maybe it's because he is my second born and since I have two kids now it feels like it's going by so much quicker. We always seem so busy that I guess I feel that I didn't get to enjoy all the moments with Luke as a tiny baby that I did with Cameryn. Time is just flying by now and I wish that it would just slow down some.

I really do enjoy this age though. It is so easy to make Luke laugh!! And he has the cutest little grin, where he smiles real big and his little nose wrinkles up. He is crawling everywhere and climbing on anything that he can get his knee up on. He loves to climb into laundry baskets and throw all the clean clothes out. He also loves to be chased up the stairs even though he is still rather slow on them. He has to stop on every step and turn around and look to make sure you are still there "chasing" him. Of course now that he can do more things, he is getting hurt more too. He's a tough little man though and stops crying about 10 seconds after you pick him up.

He was pretty good at his one year check up too. He only needed one shot and was really only crying because the nurses had to hold his legs. As soon as they let go, he stopped crying and I hadn't even picked him up yet. Though he did also cry while we were weighing him and I had to put him on the scale and the nurse (gasp) looked at him!!!!! He still is quite the mamma's boy so he's not too keen on letting other people hold him (or touch him or I guess sometimes look at him) but he's not like that all the time thankfully. He does unfortunately have a little rash on his chest and neck as a result of the chicken pox vaccine but hopefully it won't last too long.

He still is only babbling and saying "mama" and "dada" and other things like that. Though Cameryn talks so much that I don't really mind Luke not talking too much yet. He doesn't really show any interest in walking either which makes me happy but he can still get into everything already so it really wouldn't make much difference if he did. Luke is the kind of child that is pretty happy (relatively speaking) just doing what he can do already. He is happy crawling and climbing, standing and babbling at me. Mike and I are his favorite things to climb over and on. He really only gets frustrated when he's playing with some toy or book and it's not cooperating with what he thinks it should do.

I love both of my children so much and I am so thankful that I have them both. I feel very lucky to be able to stay home with them everyday and that I have a very supportive husband as well. I am also very thankful that we live near most of our family, though I definitely still miss my sisters and their families. We all had so much fun together and Cameryn just LOVED to play with her cousins. I know she misses them too. Her birthday is coming up soon and I can't believe she is going to be three!!! I think I'll probably be saying that at every one of their birthdays though. It's so cliche but kids really do grow up so quickly.

I had wanted to do a montage of Luke's first year to post with this but I haven't had time yet. I will hopefully soon but here is a short one from Saturday with him opening present a present and eating cake.


Jessica said...

What a delightful little boy. You're right his first year did go by fast. It's important to enjoy most (you can't REALLY enjoy EVERY moment) moments. I always enjoy your one touch picture things...I really need to learn how to do it!!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I asked Heidi how old Luke was when we were with you guys and she thought maybe 9 months... so yeah, the time went fast. He is so darling! I am glad you savor the time you have with both your babies. They are sooo sweet!

Happy (late) birthday, Luke!