Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy little Boy

Luke has been getting into EVERYTHING lately and just being the silliest 13 month old ever. He is always making me laugh. For his birthday, one of the guys that Mike works with bought him a Radio Flyer Scoot-About. He loves this thing!! He walks all over the house with it and it helps him to get into even more mischief. He crawls over to it and climbs right on and just starts going. He rams into things and then backs up and steers himself somewhere else.

I am amazed at the huge difference between him and Cameryn; or in other words between boys and girls. (Not that am one of those people who think that there aren't differences because that is just stupid) It is just so fun to see the differences in your children when you have one of each. Even at this young age, I can tell Luke is going to be into all those things that most boys like. Throwing balls, climbing, getting into mischief, cars, bikes, noises, making messes, jumping, and throwing himself down things (like slides for one). He loves to climb up the stairs when I'm not paying attention (thank goodness he doesn't try to throw himself down those). Then when he gets to the top, he starts to yell and laugh and shout his nonsense blabbering down the stairs until I run up there to get him. When he sees me coming he just smiles his hugest grin and laughs and laughs.

He has started holding his arms out to me when he wants me to pick him up and it just melts my heart. I have already forgotten some of those wonderful things that little toddlers do from when Cameryn was Luke's age.

Another gift for his birthday from my in-laws was battery powered 4-wheeler like the one that he loves to ride of Cameryn's except that it has more manly colors. He has gotten even better at riding on it. We take him outside and he drives it down this little hill next to our house. He can climb on and off it and knows exactly where to put his hand to make it go. What a smart little man!!

The funniest thing that he has done recently though is.... wait for it.... get in a jar of Vaseline. Yes, I said Vaseline. Is it a requirement that at least one child must get into Vaseline or something similar? Anyways, it was this past Saturday and I had been outside alot mowing lawns and unfortunately I got heat stroke. It was evening and I was laying on the couch feeling absolutely horrible. My head was killing me and I felt really nauseous and just plan sick. So I wasn't really paying attention to the kids too much. Cameryn and Luke play really well together and I was just letting them do their thing. Mike was making dinner in the kitchen. Cameryn had got the Vaseline down to put some on her lips and of course had to give me a kiss to show me how pretty her lips were. I guess I shouldn't have assumed that she had put the jar back up where it belongs even though she has always done this before. I'm not even sure how much time had passed before I got up to go into the kitchen and I looked down at Luke and screamed. Yeah, that's a stupid reaction but I couldn't think what else to do (hey, I was sick okay). Then I started laughing because Luke looked at me with the happiest face I have ever seen. There was Vaseline everywhere; on the floor, the couch, pieces of Mr. Potato Head, a plastic drawer, his legs, shirt, shorts, arms, and of course his face and hair.

You can see how shiny his legs and face are in this picture and just look at that smile. If you look at the drawer he is next to you can see to Vaseline smeared on the handle.

I know this one is blurry but just look at all the chunks and globs of Vaseline all over his face!! Priceless!!

I should have made this picture bigger so you could see the Vaseline all over the floor too. Just look at him laughing though. He thinks he is the funniest boy right there.

Well, I had a heck of a time trying to get all the Vaseline off everything. First I took off all his clothes and wiped off as much of the Vaseline as possible. He just crawled right off after I put him down leaving more greasy hand and leg prints. Mike took him upstairs to give him a bath while I cleaned up the toys, floor and couch. Of course I knew that regular shampoo wasn't going to get out the Vaseline but we had to try. I combed his hair out after the bath and it stayed all slicked back so I knew there was still lots of stuff to get out.

Here's Luke after the first bath, still greasy but being fed.

After he ate, I washed his hand and face in the sink with Dawn dish washing soap and that seemed to do the trick as I figured it would. While there I decided to wash his hair real fast in the sink as well. It got out a little bit more of the Vaseline but it still wasn't all out. Finally, when it was time for their regular bath I washed his hair and body one more time with Dawn soap and it was all out. Mike then washed him once more with regular shampoo so he wouldn't smell like dish soap. It was quite an interesting little adventure.

Here is a short video I took of Luke on his Scoot-Along and Mike took a few video's of Luke sitting on his (Mike's) 4 wheeler and some old motorcycle that someone gave him for free. Listen to his cute sound effects. He is definitely going to be like his dad.

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Jessica said...

Vaseline...that's really greasy stuff isn't it. The funny thing is that you grabbed your camera to take pictures...even though you weren't feeling well, and you probably wanted to just beat the little boy!(not really, it's just a dad thing to say that) I remember Navek got in a jar of vaseline once and I did the same thing. I was like "your in big trouble mister" and then I went and grabbed my video camera and recoreded him with his sticky self and laughed and laughed at him. I'm sure that it was worth the mess. I love that picture of him with greesy hair!! Go Grease Lightning! go go go go go