Thursday, August 09, 2007

Adjusting to normal life

Every night since I've been back, I've woken up in the middle of the night with Luke and I have no idea where I am. The first night I was so confused, I couldn't find Luke's room which is just silly since there are three bedrooms upstairs and I had just walked out of mine (I also think that I was still mostly asleep). I walked into my room again and thought that I was at my sister Lindsey's house and had walked into her and Zak's room. I quietly walked back out and shut the door. Finally I got close to Luke's door to see that it had "LUKE" spelled out in wooden letters and realized, "hey, I'm at my house."

Now when I wake up with Luke, I have to sit up in bed first until my brain catches up and I remember that I'm in my house again. It's very weird since I didn't have that sort of problem while at either of my sister's houses or the hotel.

So back to my vacation (I'll try to keep it shorter this time):

July 21, 2007

Mike caught the morning flight from the Dallas/Fort Worth airport into Salt Lake and my mom and I drove down to get him bringing only Luke with us. We figured Cameryn would have more fun playing with her cousins. Mike and I picked up our rental car (an awesome red Jetta that some guy tried to get us to trade for his rental car- hehe. I was like, "no thanks, we like the Jetta") and drove back to the hotel so Mike could shower and change clothes since he had worn those clothes for 2 days now.

We met up with all my family plus our best friends from Indiana, Devon, Brenda, Gina and Heidi , we all go way back. We went to the Tree House Museum in Ogden, Utah. It was really cool but I was only there for a little while. Everyone else had been there for a long time before me, Mike, my mom and Luke got there. Heidi has a really good post all about the Museum here.

After we left the museum we all decided to go swimming at the hotels. Gina, Heidi, their kids and their parents came with Mike and I to our hotel to swim. Everyone else went to my parents hotel. We couldn't find any of Cameryn's swimming suits though so we had her wear Luke's and he just wore a swimming diaper. I think she looks rather cute, don't you?

That night we had a really fun bar-b-que at Lindsey's house and just hung around and talked. Luke just loved sitting in this really cute little kid lawn chair. He ate and ate and swung his little legs. So cute!!

Much later that night a bunch of us went to see a late showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was me, Heidi, Gina, Jessica, Lindsey, Zak, Andrew and Ezra. There were a ton of really funny previews for movies that I now can't wait to go see. (Not that I really ever get to go see movies anyways) It was fun to have just adults around and NO children for a little while. The movie was really good also.

July 22, 2007

Nothing much happened as it was Sunday. Heidi had to go home but it was really fun seeing her and finally getting to meet her adorable daughter, Sierra. Most of the day we hung out at Lindsey's house and ate dinner there again. Here's Luke begging a popsicle off of Kathryn.

July 23, 2007

Monday was Jessica's 30th birthday so while the rest of us went to Timpanogos Cave for a hike, she stayed home with Belle and Tristyn to get ready.

The hike up to the caves was long and hot but it was fun. We had to pay to go into the caves but if I was going to hike all the way up with all those kids then I wanted to see the caves too. Mike and I took turns carrying Luke in a baby back pack and the rest of the kids walked most of the way. The little two year olds were carried some times but none more than Cameryn. She must really think she is a Princess because she walked behind me and screamed and cried and threw herself around so I would pick her up. This of course made me not want to pick her up even more. (also, outta no where she started crying for candy, weird) My dad, Mike and my brothers took turns carrying her up the mountain. Brenda, Gina and her son Liam were also there on the hike. Gina wrote about it here and here also.

Here is Gina, Liam and my mom on the hike up and the other picture is (left to right) Penny, Emerald and Cameryn all peeking over the edge on the way down.

The caves were a nice cool treat after that hot hike in the sun. Of course it would have helped if we had all brought more water. We ran out and were all soooooooooo thirsty on the way down.

When we got home we went to Jessica's birthday party at a really fun park and she got to blow out 30 candles!! It was a busy day.

July 24, 2007

We didn't do much this day either but relax and hang out a bit, but we needed it.

July 25, 2007

Luke turned the big ONE!!! Unfortunately he also started getting his molars in that day and he had a 100 degree fever. Poor baby!! We went to the This is the Place Heritage Park in the morning and had a really nice time. Cameryn was so excited to go on a pony ride and then Mike let her go on it again. Luke was a tad grumpy but it was understandable. They had a petting zoo and all these different buildings that were origianlly built by the pioneers. It was alot of fun.

We got our family pictures taken later that day and it seemed about to rain almost the whole time. After the pictures Mike and I invited Mary to come out to dinner with us at the Outback.

July 26, 2007

This was another relaxing day and we all went swimming at my parents hotel pool. It was alot of fun.

July 27, 2007

Lindsey and her family got sealed in the Salt Lake Temple this day. It was such a beautiful and special day for them. They were all so happy. All the kids were playing in the Temple grounds and picking flowers (until we told them to stop) and we took lots of pictures. I think Cameryn thought that the Temple was a Princess castle too. She was so sad that she couldn't go in.

We went to Liberty Park in Salt Lake City afterwards and had food and played and all the siblings reminiced about the good lod times. It was such a perfect day and a nice end to a WONDERFUL week!! Mike, Mom, Dad, Andrew, Ezra, Kathryn and Devon all went home the next morning. I was sad to see them go but glad to get to spend one more week with my sisters.

I'll get to the last week later. It definitly wasn't as busy of a week so it will be a much shorter post. I'm still working on my picture montage so that'll be up later as well.

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Jessica said...

That is so weird that your brain still thinks that you are on vacation. I have had a really hard time adjusting to "normal" life too...I want EVERYONE to be here ALL the time. you have done really well describing each day and what we did. I really enjoyed reading this post as well as the last one!! You're right.. I think that Friday the 27th was the perfect way to end that awesome week. There was such a good feeling and spirit to our family that day. I loved being at the park and talking about all of the good times that we had growing up as kids!! What a wonderful family we have and some junk!!!