Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Springtime busy

I have been having such a busy few weeks that I haven't had any time for blogging, let alone even getting on the Internet. I have been having lots of play dates for Cameryn which have been fun for her and me. It's nice to talk to other adults during the day when usually my conversations are limited to quick ones on the phone, trying to reason with a 2 year old, talking to an 8 month old and talking to myself (which unfortunately happens a lot).

Cameryn went to a birthday party last weekend for a friend that we met at the library reading time for little kids. Cameryn is really shy in big groups until she gets warmed up so she ended up having a lot of fun. They had a little Easter egg hunt in the back yard since it was so close to Easter and she loved it. Every time she picked up an egg she would shake it to hear if it had anything in it. She very quickly filled up her little basket with eggs and came back over to me to start eating the candy that was in them all.

Here is Cameryn doing an impersonation of Cinderella. She was singing the song from Cinderella in these pictures (A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes).

Luke is still not crawling and I'm getting impatient. I know I shouldn't but I can't help it sometimes. He is so close but at the same time he's not. I thought that he was close 2 months ago and by the things he was doing was positive that he would be crawling by the end of the month. He didn't and doesn't seem any closer to figuring out the whole crawling thing. I know sometimes boys are slower at the developmental things like crawling but he'll be 9 months old on April 25th and I'm starting to worry that he won't ever crawl.

I LOVE when they start to crawl. It is so cute and it makes them so happy to be able to move around on their own. I have no problem with him getting into things because all the stuff on his level already is child safe. All I'll have to do is block off the steps which isn't a problem either. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to help him along either.

I wonder if his legs are too chubby still to crawl or something. Is that possible? He can't stay up on his knees when I put him like that, he just falls back onto his belly. He has no problem with staying up by his arms because I've always put him on his belly. But he doesn't do the rocking back and forth or anything. The closest he gets is when he is sitting up and he leans as far as he can over until he's on one knee and then he falls on his face and cries. It's quite annoying.

Oh well, I'm just going to keep hoping (and praying) that he'll get it eventually. Here's hoping...

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Liam's Mom - Gina said...

He will get it... all in his own time though. Be happy he is still somewhat immobile.

Your Cinderella singing beauty cracks me up! She is SUCH a Tross it makes me smirk and laugh! So so so darling!