Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight and other weekend stuff

So Twilight has finally come out!!! I was so excited that I couldn't wait until my girl's night out to see the movie on Saturday at 7:00. So I convinced my husband to come see it with me on Friday night. We went to a late showing hoping that not so many teen girls would be there giggling and screaming... no such luck. We went at 10:00 and my sister Kathryn came over to watch the kids though of course they were already in bed.

So we get there and walk right in (no line thank goodness). We find perfect seats on the aisle way in the back where I love to sit. I was so excited so before the movie started, I was texting my sister to brag that I was seeing the movie tonight. I also sent a text to my dad since he was coming home from a business trip, just to say hi and stuff. He sent me one right back cuz he was already off the plane.

The movie finally starts with lots of previews first of course. I had my phone on vibrate and saw that someone sent me another text. It was from my brother so I decided I would just check it later after the movie. (I know this is random stuff but bear with me cuz it becomes relevant later) So anyways, we're watching the movie, which I'll talk more about later, my phone vibrates again and I see that my dad is calling me. I think he doesn't know I'm at the movies and is just calling me while driving home. Later I get another text from him, then later another phone call and finally one more text. Finally my brain catches up and remembers that it is after 11:00 so why would my dad be calling me and texting me so much even if he didn't know I was at the movies. I open my phone and look at the most recent text and see that Luke is at home barfing and poor Kathryn is there with him not knowing what to do. I show the message to Mike and we get up and leave immediately.

So I call my dad on the way out and he fills me in on everything while we run to the car and drive off. I call Kathryn and tell her we're on our way home. I was driving and Mike (trying to be funny) kept telling me to slow down, that I wasn't a vampire so I couldn't drive that fast safely... yeah haha. Kathryn calls me on the way home apologizing because she just couldn't clean up all the barf which I wasn't expecting her to do of course. I've had a situation like that while babysitting once and I didn't clean it up either... barf is just too hard to deal with if it's not your own kids.

We get home and Kathryn had cleaned up Luke twice already. Mike went to go take care of him while I went clean up his barfy bed. I got all the dirty stuff off and wiped down the mattress cover cuz it still smelled, put on all fresh clean stuff and then went to clean up the dirty stuff in our room on the rocking chair. We get Luke back to bed and then 10 minutes later he is crying again and I've got more barf to clean up. This time Mike just gave him a quick bath because he smelled really bad now. I got an old pillow to prop him up on and just covered the mattress with a blanket just in case so it would be easier to clean later. He finally went back to bed and slept the rest of the night.

He was fine all day Saturday and I went with my friends to go see the movie again. Later of course Mike tells me that Luke was sick again. I ended up staying up with him a lot that night and stayed home from church with him on Sunday but he is fine today.

So the onto the movie stuff. It was so much fun going with all my girlfriends!! I loved going with Mike of course but that night was kinda ruined so Saturday really made up for that. There were about 17 of us there and we all carpooled together. There was definitely less squealing and stuff but those annoying little girls did ruin the very hot kiss with their giggles. Most of us all went to TGI Fridays afterwards and had a blast. We stayed there for well over an hour just talking about the movie and other stuff. I definitely need to do that more often.

So I really liked the movie overall. I had had my expectations too high the first time (I tried not too but I couldn't help it) so I liked it better the second time. There were a few really cheesy spots were I wanted to laugh that they probably hadn't intended to be funny. I thought they did really well with casting the movie too, with a few exceptions. The girl playing Rosalie wasn't really that beautiful which normally I wouldn't care but she is supposed to be GORGEOUS. Of course thinking about it logically, how are you going to find someone inhumanly beautiful, so that one didn't bother me as much as the guy playing Jasper. He was supposed to look like he was "in pain" I guess from struggling to be around humans all the time and not eating them, but he just looked constipated and weird with his buggy eyes. The guy playing Jacob was okay for this movie but there is no way that he is tall enough or big enough to play Jacob in the other movies. Jacob is supposed to be like 6'2" by the END of Twilight!! They are gonna need someone really tall and built to play him in the other movies.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Emmett!! He was just like I imagined him to be from reading the books so he was the perfect cast. Bella and Edward were sooooooo good too. They had great chemistry and that kiss was AWESOME (despite all the girls giggling). I loved it when they "go public" at the school that they are dating and Edward has this huge grin on his face and puts his arm around Bella when the whole time before all he could do was look moody and bored. I wish that they could have developed a few of the relationships better between Bella and the rest of the Cullens but I understand that the movie is about her and Edward mainly.. duh. I loved the scenes of them talking in the tree and then in her room when she falls asleep next to him, so sweet.

I thought the guy who played Charlie was really good too. The scene where he "officially" meets Edward with his guns out on the table was so hilarious and perfect. Isn't that how every dad wants to meet their daughters boyfriend?

My favorite scene was the baseball game!! It was just like I thought it should be and funny too. I loved the song playing. That song is my favorite one from the band Muse which, by the way, is Stephenie Meyer's favorite band. I also liked when she meets the whole family for the first time and they were cooking for her all smiling and cute. Also all the high school kids did really good acting like immature high school boys and girls. I loved the scene were Jessica and Angela meet Bella outside the restaurant and they get all "dazzled" by Edward!

A few disappointments though... like Alice. I thought she was cast really well but she was barely in the movie. Also, it might seem like a small thing but I was disappointed in the fact that they would go to a diner to eat instead of Bella cooking. That was a big part of her character in the book because she was always taking care of someone, first her mother and then her dad. I couldn't figure out why they would leave that part out. It's not like they needed to constantly show her cooking or something but they could have implied it somehow. It just didn't make sense to me. Also the scene in the car after he saves her in Port Angeles, they didn't talk at all about anything.

Another thing I was upset by was they didn't once say "I love you" to each other. Yes it was implied but why couldn't they say it. I guess since they are already so intensely in love that they have to slow it down somehow in the movies. That would be difficult to maintain that intense love throughout three movies and still make it interesting and appealing to audiences without becoming repetitive and monotonous.

Sorry for the long and rambling post but it was a very busy and interesting weekend for me overall even without all the Twilight talk. I tried to organize my thoughts kind of but i think I failed at that. It was hard when I had so much to say. I'm so happy to have finally seen the movie after looking forward to it for so long. I'm also glad that they have already decided to do New Moon!! At least it's one thing to look forward to.

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