Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love that fall!!!

One more quick post before I talk about Twilight....

Since I have the tiniest yard ever and a very few small trees, my kids don't really ever get to play in the leaves or "help" me rake unless we go to someone else's house. I was visiting my friend Chrissy and got some pictures of our kids playing in the leaves together. I got a few cute little videos too. They had so much fun together and my kids have been asking me practically every day to go back.

I also helped my dad (on a different day) rake up all their leaves so my kids got to play again in someone else's leaves. I forgot my camera for that unfortunately but I'm hoping my dad will email me all those pics one day.

Sorry for all my friends and family out west that miss out on this awesomeness that is fall and big piles of leaves!!!

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Jessica said...

Shuu girl I have tree's in my backyard..and there are SOME tree's in Utah!! haha just kidding...I will admit that it is so much more pretty back East this time of year...I love all of those colors!!