Monday, November 10, 2008

Big Boy Bed

I don't know why I am constantly getting behind in my blogging. Oh wait, yes I do. I'm lazy. Oh well. I'll just have to always be behind on things. There is so much that happens that I find myself thinking, "Oh I should blog about this" and then I remember all the things I haven't yet blogged about and I'm like oh well.

So a few days before my surgery we realized that I wouldn't be able to pick Luke up out of his crib or put him in there at naptimes. Sadly I agreed to set up the toddler bed and take down his crib. I didn't want my baby to be out of the crib but he's a big boy now and like he'll tell you constantly, "I'm gowin up. I'm a be big ike you."

Luke was so excited for the "big boy bed" and he loves it still. He is so good too!! Cameryn still has problems staying in bed and gets out CONSTANTLY. It's extremely annoying. With Luke, he knows he can get out of bed and he can do it himself but he NEVER gets out during naptime or bedtime unless you come and get him. Many people told me this won't last and I know from dealing with Cameryn that it doesn't but it's been over a month and he is still a little angel. By this time with Cameryn, she realized that she could get out and would open the door and cause many problems trying to putting her to bed. With Luke though, he knows how to get out and that he can do it all by himself but he knows that he isn't allowed to get out of bed without permission.

It is wonderful. I don't want to make it seem like Cameryn is always a big brat or something and Luke is an angel all the time cuz thats not the case. But man he makes bed time soooooooooo much easier that I'm glad he always wants me to put him to bed. I feel very lucky to have such a sweet and patient little boy. I will admit that Cameryn was much easier as a baby to put to bed and took really awesome three hour naps every day (when she got old enough to have a regular nap schedule) where I could sleep with her. But once she got old enough and we switched her to the toddler bed, night time became really hard for me and Mike. We still don't have a solution that works all the time. I won't go into all the different things we have tried cuz it's a long list.

Now Luke on the other hand was VERY difficult as a baby even straight home from the hospital with sleeping during the day. He just wouldn't do it. I didn't get it at all. I mean how can a newborn only need one or two 20 minutes naps during the day. I was so tired with him all the time because I didn't get to take naps anymore because HE wouldn't nap. It took me a LONG time (I'm talking he was already a year old) to get him taking regular naps and they were never as long as Cameryn's used to be. But when we got on a good schedule and he knew how to fall asleep by himself (something I've never been good at "teaching" either of my kids), he made it so easy. Cameryn never took naps in her own bed, it always had to be my bed, but Luke will climb in himself and after two songs will usually go right to sleep with a little talking to himself. Same thing at night time only even easier (unless he gets hot and then he cries cuz he can't sleep if he's too hot).

Anyways, here are pictures of him jumping in his "big boy bed" and a cute video of it too. You know I can't help myself with the videos. Just listen to his cute little voice tell me that he's jumping in "my big bed, not my big boy bed". Too precious!!!

Also I got to see one of my best friends while I was growing up recently. She moved here when we were in third grade and we were really good friends right from the start. Then when we were freshman, her family moved to Arizona. I was sad but we wrote each other and kept in contact sporatically until college when we kind of lost each other. I found her on facebook a few months ago and she had already been planning a visit to this area to see family and friends for the first time in four years. I was so excited but then realized that she would be visiting here right after i was having my surgery. No problem though, she rearranged some things and drove up to see me at my house. My dad very nicely offered to watch the kids since Luke was napping and we went to lunch in Frederick together. It was fun catching up and laughing about how weird we were and some of the fun things we used to do, especially in elementary school since we ended up going to different middle schools. Anyways, we forgot to ask my dad to take pictures of us, so we took them ourselves. Forgive my horrid appearance, I had just had surgery and I don't usually wear makeup anyways, so I look kind of off. Oh well. I made the picture small just so it wouldn't be so easy to notice how rough I look, hahaha!!

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May said...

Yay for Hoot's big boy bed!!! That's great that's he's really good with his toddler bed. I dreaded the day when we put Erika into a toddler bed but she did great. Of course now she is more like Cameryn. She gets out of her bed every nap time but not at night. The video was awesome! I was laughing cause at one part Cameryn was naked and Luke was all dressed and then there was Luke in his diapers, haha. Gotta love digital camera!