Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Farewell to Ezra!!

My brother, Ezra entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center) on June 18th. I drove with my parents to take him to the airport the day before super early in the morning but it was really fun to see him so happy and excited and ready. My two older sisters picked him up and they all went to the Temple together in Bountiful, Utah. The next day they (along with my younger sister, Mary) took him to the MTC. He is going to the Uruguay Montevideo west mission and is learning Spanish as we speak.

My parents had thrown a fun picnic thing for Ezra the weekend before he left and we invited all our friends and family in the area. I (or my mom) took lots of pictures of everyone and I was just going to do a video of those pictures but I got behind on it and then started adding all the ones from the night before he left and the ones from when we dropped him off at the airport. Then my mom wanted me to add in some more from when Ezra was little. So it's taken me a while to get this all up. I had to go to my parents yesterday and have my dad scan in the old pictures and then save them on a disc for me to take home. Then I figured I'd throw a couple more in there from ones that I have taken. So, sorry to my sisters that watch this if you think it's too much of Ezra and just my kids, I just wanted to be done with it and post it up here. Plus I had to finish out the song cuz it just seems better with a full song on there instead of cutting it off somewhere towards then end.

Oh and sorry for those of you that think the song is a weird choice since he is going on a mission. Yes, Ezra is out on his mission (or preparing for it), but he is still Ezra and he even said in his farewell talk that he doesn't like, actually that he hates the song "I hope they call me on a mission", so I figured a rock song would be more appropriate for him. I fiddled around with some different songs but I know he really likes the one I chose, my mom suggested it actually.


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Great job on that montage! He is so cute! I am so thrilled for him and the whole family! It will be fun to hear updates on him in the field.

Jessica said...

That was so awesome!! Me and my kids watched it a couple of times to get the full affect of all of those awsesome pictures. You always do sucha good job with motgages. I loved the pictures of him when he was little! What a cute kid and some junk!! Thanks for doing brought tears to my eyes...seeing how much our family has grown...and of course how good looking we are!!

samwiseandy-t said...

(So, even though I wasn't in any of these)

That was so much fun to watch! And I agree with Jessica, we are all totes good looking.

hilary said...

That was great! i loved all the old pictures - that's how I remember Ezra.