Monday, November 12, 2007


I think every child needs a sibling. It is such a special, wonderful and different relationship. Of course that doesn't mean that I look down on people that only have one child because I don't. My husband is an only child so I have nothing against him (of course) or his parents. Everyone is not going to feel like I do and is of course entitled to do what they feel is best for them. I guess I feel sad sometimes because I feel like he missed out on so much. I know not everyone can be (or is) close with their family but I am lucky to be close to mine so I have a different point of view.

Anytime I get to sit and watch my children play together, my heart just beats faster and I can't stop smiling. It is such a special thing to watch a brother and sister play together and get to know each other and love each other. I can't quite describe what I feel but it makes me happy.

Luke just loves his big sister so much and follows her all over the place. He will come up behind or in front of her and hold her around the waist and try to make her walk with him. It is the cutest thing. He just giggles and giggles whenever he does it. Cameryn has also started picking him up. It is so funny to watch because she only weighs a few pounds more then he does. She grabs him under his arms and lifts with all her might. Luke loves it and will wrap his legs around her so he can hold on better. Of course they always end up falling over but that makes it even funnier.

Luke is usually the first one up in the morning so when he hears Cameryn coming downstairs, he gets so excited and smiles so big. Whenever Cameryn is sad and crying about something, Luke will go over and get right in his face and babble at her, then lay his head on her and give her kisses. He seems to do this especially after he has been the cause of her crying.

Cameryn is also (most of the time) a really wonderful big sister. She is pretty good at sharing her toys and food with him. She also likes to try to lead him around the house by holding onto his hand. He obviously is not too thrilled with that part but handles it pretty well. I am always happy to see them play well together.

I think that me and my siblings (there are 8 of us) are pretty close and I love that. I wish that we all lived closer because I love spending time with them all. I had too much fun this past summer with my whole family out west. That's always to bad part to getting older and getting married and having kids. I love having my own little family of course but I miss all those fun and care free times I used to have with my brothers and sisters. We have so many stupid inside jokes that are fun to reminisce and laugh about.

I just hope that my children will continue to grow and love each other like I love my siblings. We had our ups and downs growing up (and really, who doesn't) but I think that we all turned out well and I can only hope and pray that my children will love and respect each other like I do all my brothers and sisters.


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I think you were/are very fortunate to have the parents that you do. They are a patient couple that LOVE children. If anyone was meant to have a big family, they were.

It's neat that we got to partake of your family life as kids. We had so much fun with all of you.

Thanks for the glimpses into Luke and Cameryn's daily life. They are so precious! What a sweet brother and sister.

Busy Bee said...

Lately, I've been wishing that I could give Sierra a sibling. She would just love it. Of course I can't, but if I was married I'm sure that I would be pregnant right now. I've been praying to find someone, because I need to have a baby pronto!