Monday, July 02, 2007


I've been having a lot of fun with my little girl this summer. She is so silly and is developing the funniest imagination. I have so many stories from this past week that I'm not sure how to tell them all. Sorry if this post will seem to jump here and there but that's how my little girl is too to I guess it makes sense.

I'll start with these pictures here:

As I've said before, she loves to play with her Mr. Potato Head. Well, she started putting the face pieces on her own face to be funny. She started with the ears (which looks really silly but I didn't get a picture of that) and now loves to do all the different mouths. I just had to get pictures of them. I was only going to take one picture but Cameryn kept putting in a different mouth and saying "Get this one mommy" so I of course obliged.

When Cameryn wakes up in the morning she always calls to me from the top of our stairs to tell me she's awake (even though I already knew since I almost always hear her door open) and then she makes her way down the steps. She is usually carrying an assortment of things from her room; like her blanket, a book, a stuffed animal and maybe her Princess pillow. Well, one of the mornings last week I heard the door open and her call out "Hello out there! Oh I hope nobody answers." In case you aren't sure why that would be funny or cute, I'll tell you that she was quoting from Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. I cracked up!! I mean the first words out of her mouth is from Pooh. I just wonder what was going through her little mind when she was doing that.

Speaking of rooms, sleeping and waking up. I can't count how many times I've found Cameryn sleeping in weird places in the middle of the night. Just to name a few:

- Mike went upstairs to take a shower after we put the kids to bed and found Cameryn falling asleep on a big red bouncy ball in our bedroom. I was cleaning the kitchen and he was in the basement and neither of us heard her get out of bed (I said I ALMOST always hear her door open).

- I went to check on her one night before I went to bed and she was asleep on her floor flat on her stomach, perpendicular to her bed. I wanted to take a picture but didn't, dang!

- Luke woke up for a nighttime feeding and I went out into the hallway to go to his room and I found Cameryn asleep on the floor again in her doorway. This one has happened a few times that I find her asleep in the hallway.

- Last Sunday Mike was up sick most of the night and was asleep on the couch. Well, somehow Cameryn got out of bed and into bed with me without me hearing her and was asleep on Mike's pillow.

What a silly, funny girl!!

This past Saturday was a busy day for the Shipley's. At 10:30 am, we all went up to the Library to see a special visitor that Cameryn was really excited to meet. Winnie the Pooh was going to visit the library!! Well, they had the kids sit on this carpet and they played the intro song to the Pooh cartoons while all the kids got bells, shakers, cymbals, and other noise makers to play along with the song then Pooh came out. Cameryn was so excited to see him but as soon as it was her turn to take a picture with him, she was scared to death and wouldn't stand there for anything. I told her I would stand there with her but that was still barely enough to get a picture with her and Pooh. It's okay though, she is only 2 and I really wasn't expecting her to run up and hug him or something.

To tell the truth, I hate people in costumes and masks; and yes I hate clowns too. It totally freaks me out. Whenever I go to any theme park or anything like that I carefully avoid eye contact with anyone dressed up as some character just in case they think that I might want to talk to them or get my picture with them because I DON'T!! (I should have put that for one of my 8 things... hmmmmm)

To continue on our busy Saturday; after that we came home for Luke to take a nap and Cameryn to play. After lunch we all went to the pool for awhile. The kids were so excited that Daddy was at the pool with us because usually he is working when we go. Cameryn even got in the deep water with him and would "jump" to him from the sides of the pool (when I say jump, I mean he would hold her hands and she would carefully fall into his arms). I got in with Luke and we had a great time in the water as a family. Cameryn is so skinny though that she gets cold pretty quickly in the water and it had just rained so it wasn't as warm as it usually is. Her lips were starting to turn slightly blue and she was shivering but was having so much fun with Daddy that she just kept saying that she wanted to jump in again. When I told her she was turning blue she looked at her arms and legs and said to her daddy "I'm all blue. (pause) I want to jump from the steps again."

I finally got her out and we got in the warm shower for awhile to warm her little body up. I went to the snack bar and got everyone a snack and then after a little bit more time in the water we headed home.

But Cameryn's day didn't end there. Mike's parents wanted to take her out to dinner with them so they came and picked her up. They ate out and then Cameryn requested that they take her back to their house so she could play with the toys and of course, being grandparents, they did. She always has a lot of fun playing at their house so it wasn't surprising that she wanted to go there. Later, Robin (Mike's mom) told me that on the drive back to our house she just talked and talked and talked, which isn't surprising either; my little girl loves to talk.

She got home and we quickly got her to bed. She was out like a light after her long, fun filled day. I checked on her before I went to bed and she was sleeping in a semi normal position so I knew she was tired.

I love my little Princess!!


Jessica said...

She sounds like a fun little girl. That was so funny about the Winnie the Pooh quoting. I would've laughed so hard. What a silly girl to always be falling asleep in weird places, I wonder if she sleep walks? Navek does. All of the little princesses are going to have so much fun together!!

Busy Bee said...

I just love to read about your life. You're so good at telling stories. I'm not as good, I guess thats why I don't blog very often. Oh yeah, Cameryn is just so adorable...I hope Sierra is just like her.