Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New "things"

While writing out my post from yesterday, I got an idea and I decided to change some of my 8 things. I had such a hard time coming up with those first 8, but now I've realized that I actually do have a few more interesting things about me. So I am replacing three of those things with new ones.

New #5. I mentioned this in my last post but I HATE CLOWNS!!! They totally freak me out. I hate when I'm anywhere there is a clown and one looks at me... AHHHHHHHH.. don't look at me.... is it coming over... oh my gosh what a freak... is it going to try to interact or (heaven forbid) talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also hate people at theme parks that are in a full body costume or even just the make up. Like at the Paramount's King's Dominion park in Virginia there are people that dress up like characters from Star Trek. MORE FREAKS!!! I DO NOT WANT MY PICTURE WITH YOU!! And please please please don't come up and try to talk to me like you are really the character that you are portraying. I mean seriously, these people really make me nervous and uncomfortable. Even (or especially) the ones dressed up like the cartoon characters and the Disney characters. I guess I'll be in trouble if we ever take Cameryn to Disney Land because she LOVES the Princesses!!

New #6. I am SUPER SUPER SUPER competitive. I don't think people realize this though because I'm usually really good at hiding it. I get seriously angry and upset when I lose at anything. I'm not too horrible if/when I lose while playing a sport because I'm not expecting to always be the best. But I would still get really mad in high school while running if someone who I always beat would suddenly beat me. It was usually only someone from my own team too. Oh I would get so mad!!! I was also so competitive in my weight training classes. The teachers would post from each class all the people and how much they lifted for each thing like squats, bench press, etc. I would always make sure that I was the strongest girl in all of the classes and I usually was except for maybe once or twice. I especially worked hard to make sure that no one beat my times on the rowing machine, the mile and other activities like that. Now, playing board games and other group activities like that, WATCH OUT!!! I hate losing there too. It's really ridiculous how I obsess about things like this, but as I said, most people (I think) don't know this about me because I don't want people to think I'm a sore loser or something which I am not. I just really like to win.

New #8. Jessica and Gina both mentioned this one in their comments to me and I never even thought of this "talent", or whatever it is, until then. I do have lots of funny voices and I'm pretty good at imitating accents and things like that. My brother, Andrew, and I have this really funny voice that we do and it just cracks everyone up. Of course it's hard to convey over a blog but we call it our "euhhh" voice. Now only family members will actually know how to pronounce that word so sorry to anyone else who might actually be reading this. We (Andrew and I) always answer each others phone calls with that voice too; "Euhhh, hello?" (I know Jessica will laugh reading that one) My college roommate, Tara, and I used to do accents all the time too. We even rented a video camera and taped ourselves doing accents and being stupid. Yes, I know that is dumb but it was really fun when we were doing it.

Well those are some different, more interesting things about myself that I wish I would have included in my original "8 Things". Oh well, you know them now.


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I've been thinking of things I didn't put on my list too this past week. Funny we are on the same wave link, eh?

You said Jessica would laugh at the Euhh phone answering, but I was totally busting up! I think I know what that sounds like... I am family right? Close enough anyway.

Soooo, you wanna play Yahtzee or Sorry when we meet up this month? I have a really good one that I hate losing at called Sequence. Heard of it?

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

P.S. When you plan that trip to Disney with Cameryn, let me know, so I can plan to be there too. I have GOT to be a witness to your reactions and then to Cameryn's reactions to you. [evil laugh] BWHAHAHAHA!

Jessica said...

Daisy, Daisy!!! I had no idea that you were THAT way about people who dress up and who wear masks!! Would you even be scared of a Disney Princess???
I can't wait to play games with you when you come out cause you KNOW how I am when it comes to winning...or should I say loosing!! Okay, the voice thing cracked me up. I was imaginging you saying it, as I was reading it. You and Andrew are SOOO good at that voice...it's funny that you STILL do it too. I really enjoyed reading that!!

Busy Bee said...

I'm happy to report that I knew most of that about you. Hooray for me!