Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ahhh... those funny naked stories

The other day Mike and I were bringing a grill that his parents were giving us into the house. Cameryn decided to be helpful and was holding the front door open for us while standing on the front porch which was wonderful... that is until we realized that all she had on was a shirt. Whatever... not a big deal. After all she is only 2 years old. What does it matter if she doesn't have any pants on?

Well, it didn't matter until Mike pointed out to Cameryn that she should come inside because she was half naked. She decided that this was really funny (which of course it was to us too) and promptly shut the screen door and took off down the front steps.

I really would have loved to just get my camera and tape her running as fast as she could holding her Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal, smiling her cute little smile and giggling. But unfortunately I had to run after her.

Thankfully she knows that she is not allowed to go any further then the edges of our very small front yard so it wasn't a long chase. But it was HILARIOUS!!! As soon as she saw me coming after her she started laughing even more and squealing with delight that I was chasing her. I quickly grabbed her as she was running back up the yard and brought her in the house where she quickly burst into tears (girls are very dramatic). She was crying she wanted to go back outside in the front yard. I told her she could play in the back but that wasn't good enough until I told her that I was going to chase her. The tears quickly vanished and she took off again running through the kitchen to the back door and onto the deck.

Oh how I love these funny moments that seem to always end so quickly. She is developing such an imagination and she does the silliest things. I have to wonder how she comes up with some of them. But I'm glad that she does. I want her to be able to be a child as long as she wants. Society seems to think that our children need to grow up faster then they do already and it makes me sad. I want her to be able to be a little girl for as long as possible because I will miss her when she isn't. Then she'll be a teenager and most likely not like me as much as she does now. I won't get the spontaneous hugs and kisses and the "I love you so much" followed by the hardest squeeze she can manage.

I will just enjoy all these moments as much as possible and will love my little girl a little bit more every day and not dwell on what is to come.

Here are two recent pictures of something silly she was doing in the car the other day that I had to get a picture of.

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