Friday, March 09, 2007

I've had an interesting week. I decided on Saturday that I had had enough of Luke not sleeping in his room so I cleaned it out. I fixed the crib bumper (some of the tie things had gotten ripped off from a certain 2 year old playing in the crib), I washed the sheets again (cat hair), moved the monitor from Cameryn's room into his, and moved some stuff around. I was really nervous about how many times I was going to have to get up and if his crying was going to wake up Cameryn and other worries but it turned out very nicely. He only woke up twice!! Wonder of wonder, Miracle of miracles!!

He's not the soundest sleeper but has so far managed to stay asleep as I move him into his bed down the hall after nursing him in mine. Unfortunately that is THE ONLY way to get him to sleep and stay that way for now. Even when he was a newborn, if I nursed him sitting somewhere and then moved him into his bassinet or where ever, he would always wake up. So I have to nurse him laying down in my bed. For nap time I leave him there and at night, I of course move him to his own bed.

Before if he would wake up while I was moving him I would make him cry himself back to sleep. I hate doing that, it's so hard to lay there and listen to them cry and scream, but soooooooo worth it in the end. At least it was with Cameryn, I draw the line at letting them cry for more than an hour, which he does sometimes. With Cameryn, when she would wake up the first time during the night (mostly out of habit) I would make her cry herself back to sleep. It usually only lasted for 30 minutes then became less and less. Then the second time she woke up I would go get her. She pretty quickly started sleeping for a lot longer and it was really WONDERFUL.

With Luke, the whole crying himself to sleep isn't working so well this time. He just screams and screams, then just quietly sobs and you think he will fall asleep, but no he just keeps crying and crying. He is slowly getting back to sleeping for longer periods of time all by himself though so I guess I'll just wait and see how this goes.

Cameryn did the sweetest thing the other night. We were coming home when it had already gotten dark and Luke HATES to be in the car driving while its dark. He screams the whole time and no matter the time and distance traveling, will not fall asleep. So I decided to try something new, I turned on one of the car lights in the back. It didn't seem to be working, then suddenly he was quiet. So I'm sitting there thinking I'm so smart when I look in my rear view mirror and see that Cameryn had reached over and was holding his little hand in hers. It was the most precious little thing. I almost started crying it was so sweet. She looks up to see me watching her and she just said, "Luke was crying, so I'm holding his hand and he's not crying anymore." She held his little hand the whole way home. I felt so lucky to have such a sweet, thoughtful little girl. He even fell asleep until we got home and I was picking him up out of the car seat.

Lately, we have been having trouble with Cameryn going to bed and letting us leave the room. She is in a regular toddler bed so can get out whenever she wants. She usually doesn't but lately will sit up when we try to leave, after singing her every song we can think of and talking to her about what we are going to do tomorrow and what we did today and also holding her for awhile in the rocking chair, and scream for us to hold her again or that she needs water or to go potty or more songs, etc. We know she is just procrastinating but we also don't want her screaming to wake up her brother in the next room. So on Saturday, Mike, me and the kids went and ran some errands together. We went to Toys 'R Us and bought her these Disney Princess sheets for toddler beds. She was so excited!! Unfortunately it hasn't worked as well as we wanted but it helps a little. She's not always so bad but some nights she REALLY REALLY tries your patience. It's a work in progress with her all the time, but I guess it is with all children.

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Kiirsten said...

I can totally relate with the procrastination game kids play at bedtime... "I really need a drink!" "Please just one more book!" or my favorite... "Mom... um... um... I need... I want... i forgot." One way we helped get Clay to go to bed was setting the microwave timer before bedtime and asking if he wanted to "stay up" a little bit. He thought he was getting to stay up past bedtime and when the timer went off, he knew that he already got extra stay up time and was more willing to go to bed thinking he benefited. That was mostly when he was 3. I'm so proud of your real baby blanket! Looks great! Sounds like you are fully enjoying your two sweeties. YAY!