Sunday, March 18, 2007

Busy week

I have a lot to write about but so little time that I am going to try to make a few separate and small posts today.
I finally got some pictures of Cameryn kissing her Mr. Potato Head. She is so silly. I was just glad that I actually had my camera right next to me when she was doing it. I love seeing her little imagination come to life and watching her doing these adorable things.

We've had a very interesting week as far as weather goes. All last weekend it was beautiful weather; sunny and warm enough that all you needed was a light jacket to go outside. Then Monday and Tuesday it was so warm (in the 70's) that I needed to get out Cameryn's shorts and t-shirts and find some rompers for Luke to wear. Mike went to Toy's R Us and bought Cameryn and new tricycle to learn to ride. She was so funny. She would try to pedal herself but then would stop paying attention to where she was going, so we would have to remind her to steer which would then cause her to take her feet off the pedals. I never knew there was so much to teaching kids how to ride even a tricycle. She has been having a lot of fun with it though.
Well, Wednesday it started to cool down and got really windy and a little bit colder but not too bad. Then Thursday it just kept getting worse and by Friday it was snowing and sleeting. We got about 6 inches. Cameryn just loved it though. She went outside like 3 different times and was out there for at least an hour each time. She was eating the snow and jumping up and down making feet prints. I let her play on our deck out back so I could watch her and work on another blanket that I was making for someone. We also went out again on Saturday and made a small snowman together. I tried to make it bigger but there wasn't much snow on our deck left to make a big one. Mike also moved her playhouse outside (it was in our basement taking up a lot of room) and she played out there for a while, of course still trying to find as much clean snow as possible to eat. I early on instructed her to not eat any other color snow but white as we have a dog and that would just be really gross.

Today, it is much nicer outside again. Still windy and cold but sunny again and the snow is almost gone already. She is actually taking a nap right now which is a rare thing, but as she has been so incredibly grumpy the past few days in between her periods of fun and happiness, she definitely needs one.

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Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Maybe she is having a growth spurt and needs the extra rest... you never know.

She is darling on her new trike! I didn't realized the skill it took to ride one either. We forget when we were THAT small!