Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nothing much happening

Doesn't Luke have the cutest little Mohawk. The first picture is how it looks every day all on its own. The second picture, I got his hair all wet and used a comb to make it a real skinny Mohawk. He looks even cuter in real life. The camera just doesn't capture how adorable his little Mohawk is.

He is just such a happy baby. He's still giving me trouble at night but it's starting to get better. I just wish he would sleep in his own room, but so far he won't. I'll get him there eventually but for now I'm so low on sleep I'm not willing to pick up anymore battles than I need to. It's hard enough to get him to stay asleep moving him from the top of my bed to his bassinet that he sleeps in at the foot of my bed.

Ride 'em cowgirl!!!!

I'm really not a dog person at all (we only have one because Mike thinks he can't live without a dog- unfortunately) but I am so thankful that the dog we have is so good with kids. She lets Cameryn pull her tail, chase her, sit on her, ride her, jump on her, use her as a step stool, etc. Cameryn only weighs about 26 pounds and the dog is a strong solid dog so I know it doesn't hurt her. Though just to make sure I'm not accused of animal cruelty, I do try to make sure Cameryn isn't too rough with her.

Isn't she so pretty. Her hair is getting so long and is really fine just like mine (a curse I assure you)(though it looks nice when you're young). I have only ever cut her bangs which I was forced into doing. Not really forced but it took a couple of weeks (maybe months) for me to be talked into doing it. They were always in her eyes and because her hair is so fine I couldn't get them to stay back even with hair clips so I trimmed them finally and will probably have to do it again soon.
We had some more snow this week but this time it was covered in a sheet of ice so it was definitely not as fun as last time. Plus it has been so super cold lately that it isn't melting and I have been trapped in the house for what feels like weeks. I went out on Monday and that was the last time I was out of the house except to get the mail. I hate having to take two kids out into the windy cold outdoors. Oh well, I asked for snow didn't I.

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Liam's Mom - Gina said...

It's so nice to have a pet that is a tolerant one. Purr Bug is that way. I'd prefer no pets now that I have kids, but Ian isn't budging.

You are right, Cameryn is so so so pretty! Just perfect! You need to enter into some photo contests. Make some money for college or something ;)